A Guide for Fast Track Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia


The usual process for Engineers Australia Migration skill assessment can take 4 to 7 months so you can choose for the Engineers Fast track Assessment process. The fast track assessment can be selected soon after submitting your application to Engineers Australia and EA will charge a premium fee for this. Your application will be passed to an assessor or the case officers within five to fifteen working days. The usual service can take several months so if you have submitted your visa application online you can apply for fast-track EA MSA service. If you haven’t applied for Visa you cannot request for fast track services unless or until you have submitted application for Visa.

Why the assessment Process delays?

There are a number of reasons for the increased waiting period for Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment which is given below:

• Sometimes the applicant provides incomplete information which delays the assessment process
• A huge number of applications received by Engineers Australia

Reasons to choose Fast Track Skill Assessment Process:

Australia always welcomed Engineers, following are the reasons to choose fast track for assessment of your application.

• As the CDR processing is quite a lengthy process and can take a lot of time so you can choose fast track for your application and have it assigned to an assessor within 15 days
• If your occupation is in SOL list or if an Australian Employer is interested in hiring you, you can select fast track method for skill assessment

How to Check Status of your application?

As the Engineers Australia requests to not contact about the status of application before 4 months for normal track assessment and 15 days for fast track assessment so the best way to check the status of your application is to send a blank status email request for an automated response and it contains the updated information on dates of applications presently being processed.