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Numerous organizations and employers necessitate that engineers are qualified for membership with Engineers Australia. To be qualified for membership, you have to show what is known as Stage 1 competency. The least demanding approach to show Stage 1 competency is through the completion of an engineering qualification that is licensed or recognized by Engineers Australia

Regardless of whether you need us to prepare up your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR from scratch or you need us to review and revise your CDR report to guarantee that it completely adjusts to Engineers Australia migration prerequisites, you are in the opportune spot. We have encountered engineering and technical writers, and along these lines you don't need to stress on to create 3 Career Episodes and the Summary Statement for your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). help you to apply for Stage 1 Competency Assessment with the Engineers Australia by giving samples and examples of CDR and help with the CDR preparation.

What Is Stage 1 Competency?

Stage 1 is the level of competency required for entry to rehearse as a certified member from the engineering team, comparing to fulfillment of perceived educational qualification. Qualification for Membership depends on a Stage 1 Competency Assessment.

Stage 1 Competency methods you have an exhaustive understanding of the collection of engineering knowledge relevant to your occupational category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate); and the capacity to apply this learning to delegate issues and circumstances, ordinary of the obligations of specialists in your occupational category. You should likewise have the skills and attributes important to work as an expert, and the intellectual abilities to test and ceaselessly expand your insight through long lasting learning in formal and informal settings.

Stage 1 Competency is a blend of learning and expert traits, which are evaluated as abilities.

Three competencies at Stage 1 for each occupational category

  • Competency 1: Knowledge Base
  • Competency 2: Engineering Ability
  • Competency 3: Professional Attributes

Every Competency depicts a specific zone of execution and is contained of Elements. The Elements are the important components or exercises which make up the Competency. Subtleties of the Elements are distinctive for every one of the three occupational categories. To be surveyed as Stage 1 component you should exhibit every Element in a general sense. Every Element has a lot of Indicators which give a guide for the level of performance and enable a judgment to be made on whether the element of competency has been accomplished. These Indicators depict and list the ways by which the Element would commonly be demonstrated and assessed.

The fundamental and the most essential part of the Stage 1 Competency Assessment is the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) which incorporates 3 narratives demonstrating your Engineering Competency and the Summary Statement. Those narratives can identify with your educational program, engineering employment or work- based problem solving demonstration. There are different Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) samples appropriate for evaluation for membership with the Engineers Australia accessible from All our CDR examples have been as of late affirmed by the Engineers Australia and remain in the entirety of their prerequisites. These examples incorporate 3 narrative, Summary Statement and CPD and written in a high style yet basic language and are simple for adjustment for preparation of your own CDR.

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