Things to Consider Before Hiring a CDR Writer

WriteMyCDR offers the finest CDR Writing Service for Engineers Australia and we have a very high success rate of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) approval of our clients from Engineers Australia. All the engineers who are looking forward to Australia for skilled migration are required to provide their CDR Report to Engineers Australia (EA) for the approval of skilled migration to Australia.

CDR Writing Services for engineers consists of preparing your detailed CV, writing Career Episodes (CEs), preparing a Summary statement (SS) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CDR Report writing is not an easy job and that is why we are here to help you provide our CDR Writing Service. At WriteMyCDR we have professional CDR writers who would see you through quality CDR report

CDR Writing Service should be based in Australia

There are many CDR Consultants based on different countries outside Australia as well. In such cases, there is a chance that the CDR provided by those consultants might get approved but as they are located outside Australia, they may not be able to be constantly updated about Australian Engineering Scenario. WriteMyCDR provides you with the edge in this regard as we are based in Australia and can help you in selecting the best engineering profession in regards to the Australian Engineering scenario. Also, since, Our CDR Writing Service is based in Australia and we guarantee that it meets Australian standards.

CDR Writing Service should be written by an Engineering writer/ scientist

There are many CDR Consultants nowadays that offers CDR Writing Service. However, many are academic writers and not engineering writer/scientist. It takes an engineer to pass an engineering assessment. You need to be careful not to risk your application by hiring a writer rather than an engineer with writing skills. A writer with engineering background understands the CDR requirements put forward by Engineers Australia. We have qualified and experienced engineer writers who will support and guide you in the right manner and write high-quality contents according to your specific needs.

CDR Writing Service should be registered in Australia

It is always better to hire a CDR writer whose services are registered in Australia because they provide accurate information and have a good understanding level of services they are providing. There will not be any trust issues.

CDR Writing Service should be familiar with Immigration Process

Every CDR writing service provider should be familiar to the immigration procedure followed by the Australian government, especially relating to the skilled migration of the engineers. They should have the idea about how the immigration process is carried out from the beginning to the end of visa application process and successful visa approval. Although, CDR writing service mostly deals with getting the positive assessment from Engineers Australia in the migration skill assessment process, they need to consider the other processes of immigration application process. They should know about all the requirement and criteria that must be fulfilled prior to the visa application process such as determining the skills in demand, type of visa suitable for the eligibility of the applicant, skill assessment and IELTS score, and submission of Expression of Interest (EOI). After the approval of EOI, invitation for visa application is granted.

They must know the importance of a good CDR in order to get a successful visa approval letter. This helps them to consider all the necessary components while writing a CDR.