Why to Choose WriteMyCDR for CV-Resume writing?


Surely, you will get professional CV –resume services from us which is very crucial for  proving their work experience and it is updated as you every time gain new knowledge or skills.  If you are planning to apply for Engineers Australia Assessment, you will need to include a CV in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).  There are few Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines for preparing CV and you have to be conscious about those guidelines.

1. Career objective is mandatory and should be short and clear.
2. Education Qualification should be written in ascending order.
3. Work experience should be clearly described as well.
4. Projects should be clearly written with their working periods.
5. Your role, as well as the major role and objective of the project, should be mentioned.
6. Software skills should be mentioned properly which are related to your field.
7. Your personal information should be clearly mentioned with a contact number and e-mail id.
8. Do not include a photo unless requested.
9. References can be given when asked.
10. CV should be between 3-4 pages.

After going all of these points there will be a perfect CDR CV-resume as per the standard of Engineers Australia. For more information regarding the standard format of CV-resume contact us at info@dineshs11.sg-host.com