How to Write a Successful CDR Report?

A CDR Report plays an important role for an engineer, who has applied for migration to Australia. It contains all the crucial details of the engineer’s skills, talent and attributes that are needed for successful Migration Skills Assessment. The Engineers Australia, which is a recognized body for all the engineers in Australia, is responsible for assessing the skills of the engineers who migrate to Australia. Because of the significance of Competency Demonstration Report, the applicants need to prepare it in a comprehensive manner. They should follow all the guidelines given in the MSA booklet by EA and include all the attributes and details regarding their work experience in the CDR. They should prepare a winning CDR report so that EA assesses it successfully for Migration Skills Assessment. They can also seek help from CDR writing experts for getting flawless and well- structured CDR.

The Engineers Australia wants only those engineers, who are competent, to migrate to Australia as they have engineering jobs that require top quality skills. Thus they require an engineer to have all the necessary skills, knowledge and talent in the engineering domain before they can migrate to Australia. The candidates who wish for migration to Australia have to demonstrate that they possess all the techniques and knowledge in the engineering domain. They have to mention these details in their CDR report according to the CDR writing guide by EA. The Engineers Australia then checks the CDR and assesses the competency of the applicants. If they find them eligible, they will approve the CDR for Migration Skills Assessment otherwise, they will reject the CDR. As the whole process of CDR is time- consuming, you can take help from top professionals, who will make successful CDR. has an accomplished team for delivering top quality CDRs to the engineers. Our professionals ensure that all the information provided by the engineer is mentioned in the Career Episodes. We also provide CDR sample for reference purposes to those candidates, who write their own CDR for evaluation purposes. We provide assistance to all the candidates in Summary Statement writing and Career Episode writing. Through our CDR review service, the engineers can get detailed review about their CDR and also get suggestions for improvement. We not only check the spelling and grammatical errors but also ensure that the structure of the CDR is according to the guidelines of EA.

Tips for Writing a Successful CDR Report

The Engineers Australia wants every migrating engineer to write their CDR report on their own but if you don’t prepare the report according to the guidelines in MSA booklet, there are chances that your CDR will get rejected by the EA. For those candidates, provides assistance in preparing an error-free CDR, which will help them get a positive assessment from EA.
For candidates writing their own CDR, here are few tips that will help you prepare CDR report on parameters of EA.

• Before starting to write your CDR, you should read the EA guidelines and understand the purpose of preparing the report. It has three main components- Summary Statement, three Career Episodes and CPD list.
• Choose the topics for Career Episodes wisely. For that, you should check the competencies EA is looking for in candidates and then make a comprehensive Episodes showcasing your skills and knowledge and how you acquired them
• Never mention one project in two Career Episodes as it will lead to confusion. Engineers Australia wants to know your capabilities in multiple projects that you have completed before
• Be careful with the usage of English language as the CDR Engineers Australia is written in Australian English. Ensure that spellings, grammar and writing style is similar to Australian language. If you prepare the Career Episodes in other languages, do not forget to provide the translation
• Write the report in the first person and in an active voice. Use ‘I did’, ‘I researched’, etc. Never talk about your team because the EA wants to know about your skills and talent and not about your team
• EA is strict about plagiarism so make sure that you do not copy anything from any external sources including internet, magazines or books. Always write only about your achievements and work experience. You can also refer CDR sample to see the structure of the CDR
• Be careful while writing Summary Statement as it is the first thing that EA assessors read. In Summary Statement, you have to link the elements to the correct paragraphs in CEs.