Reasons for Rejection of CDR Report by Engineers Australia

There are various reason for the CDR report rejection and calling out only one point for consideration is not justifying. Since you are not expert in writing CDR report and you don’t know what Engineer Australia is looking in your report. There are some guidelines made by the Engineers Australia to be followed while writing CDR report. Though Engineers Australia does publish a booklet– “Migration Skills Assessment Booklet” which points out the anticipation and the structure of CDR but still there are some points that need to be given more importance. There are so many CDR report samples available online you can take them as a reference or may take help or hire an expert professional writers for CDR report.

Here are some of the points to be careful while writing report:

Wrong structure

Specific formats is mentioned by EA to be followed while writing CDR report such as CPD(continuing progress development ) must be in a list format, and must be summed up in one A4 page. Your career episodes must be in essay format in about 1000–2500 words. Your summary episodes must be in about 100 words.

Career Episodes too technical

Even though you are an engineer your knowledge is about technical but it is strictly mentioned that career episodes should be less technical in EA guidelines. Career episodes is all about the issues or problems you faced during the course of your career and how did you overcome that. Sometimes there may be some calculations, diagrams to be included but try to keep those to minimal.

Reasons for Rejection of CDR Report by Engineers Australia


There are various online resources where you can easily get the CDR samples as per your profession which makes the content somehow replicated so make sure you rephrase the content if you go through the online samples or any other’s report. Plagiarism is one of the major reason for the rejection in case your report is rejected you might not be able to resubmit the application for next 12 months.

Denoting your experience

This report is entirely about your knowledge, skills and experience so make sure you mention your activities not your team member. Through this report inspector officer try to evaluate how well you can do in your respective profession rather than your team member. So, even if it was a team project, mention only your contributions and experiences.

Wrong grammar

The EA wants you to give an English ability test. So, it is quite obvious they won’t accept incorrect grammar. Australian English is quite similar to British English, so make sure that your reports are in acceptable grammar.

Different Career Episodes

All your career episodes must talk about different projects. No same project must be explained in more than one episode. Make sure that you prove your skills and knowledge along with the experiences in career episodes. Your Career Episodes should clearly have an Introduction, your main Engineering activity you set out to describe, and a Summary.