CDR Report Guidelines


Professional engineers who are willing to migrate to Australia have to go through the submission of competency submission report. So it is very crucial report as per the guidelines of Engineers Australia. The main reason for CDR Report Assessment is to be familiar with:-

  • Applicant technical knowledge in respective engineering domain.
  • Implementation of engineering knowledge and skills.
  • Applicant skills ability and knowledge in the selected engineering occupation.

The CDR Report has Three Different Sections: Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes and a Summary Statement. The total rules on composing this report in displayed here to assist you with your CDR Writing. We additionally give CDR Writing, CDR Reviewing and CDR Tutoring Services.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing with Professional Development (CPD) is the best approach to demonstrate how you will and are keeping yourself refreshed about new creations and revelations in engineering field. It is smarter to incorporate all the significant CPD in CDR Report. Engineers Australia has separated Professional Engineers Competencies into Four Principle Elements and they are:-

  • All Categories
  • People

Maintaining your CPD Report simple - follow the five steps to perfect CPD:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Record
  • Reflect
  • Submit

These points should be followed while preparing CPD and it should contain detail information of activity such as:

  • All Categories
  • People

Career Episodes (CEs)

Career Episodes is the thing that clarifies your instructive capability and work involvement in the field of designing. Each of the three Career scenes depends on three explicit designing undertakings done on certain time frame. Career Episodes gives detailed information on specialized and different skills an engineer connected to the project represented.

Career Episodes are composed dependent on following exercises:

  • A designing undertaking done during undergrad or graduate course.
  • A task you are or taking a shot at in your work environment.
  • An examination done in the field of building
  • A building position you are right now taking a shot at

While getting ready Career Episodes you should adhere to specific  CDR Report guidelines given by Engineers Australia, for example,

  • Profession Episodes must be written in English.
  • Each Career scene must be in excess of 1500 words and shouldn't surpass 2500 words.
  • Each Career Episode ought to unmistakably outline your engineering information and abilities.
  • Each Career Episode ought to underline on close to personal role like what you did as opposed to what your team member did.
  • You should utilize first individual language. ( I did, done by me, did it without anyone else's help)
  • Give more significance to engineering strategies that you used to take care of the issues.
  • Number each section in each career episode

Each Career Episodes must be partitioned in four Sections and they are Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and Summary. Every one of these segments ought to be composed distinctively and should content explicit details.

  • All Categories
  • People


It is the principal area of Career Episode and it ought to incorporate after things:

  • It ought to be roughly 100 words.
  • The content of the introduction ought to be in serial request
  • Dates and Duration of career episode
  • The area where it happened
  • The name of organization/company
  • The title of position involved by you


It gives data on the exercises you have been included or taking a shot at. It ought to be around 200 to 500 words and ought to contain:

  • The idea of the general designing undertaking.
  • The goals of the project.
  • The idea of your specific work area.
  • An outline of the organizational structure featuring your situation, in connection to the career episode.
  • an declaration of your obligations (give an official obligation vocalization where accessible)

Personal Engineering Activity

This section is the body part with all the detail information you have done such as what you did, how you did it. In here you should describe what you personally did rather than what your team did because this is a personal competency assessment.You should provide detailed illustration on:

  • Application of your engineering knowledge and skills on the project.
  • Task given to you and how you accomplished them
  • Any specific technical difficulties/problems you faced and the way you solved them
  • Methods and solution developed by you using your original creation.
  • About team work i.e. how you worked in team


It closes everything that is clarified in above segment. It contains around 50 - 100 words that incorporates following things:

  • Close all that you did on the task
  • how the task lead to your objectives/prerequisites
  • Summary on what your jobs and duties.


Summary Statement (SS)

Summary Statement is the most significant and troublesome piece of any CDR. In this area, you have to dissect that you have outlined all the competency components for the assigned word related classification as depicted in the ANZSCO code. In the outline proclamation, you have to give the cross references of the sections that you have written in each vocation scene. Just a single Summary Statement (SS) is required for every one of the three scenes.