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CDR Sample for Engineering Manager

Engineering managers with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualification can assess their engineering qualification. An engineering manager should typically have five years of experience as an engineering professional and two years of experience operating at the Engineering Manager level. The experience is required to be demonstrated through reference letters and organizational charts showing the position of the applicant. The Engineering Manager formulates engineering strategies, policies and plans and their direction. Also, administrates and reviews engineering operations for an organization.

CDR sample for Engineering Manager incorporates all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement.The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): Resume on the basis of a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 159 words.

Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 1: “DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING CLUSTER (EMC)" – 2340 words

Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 2: “CONSTRUCTION OF COAL TERMINAL AT MORMUAGAO PORT TRUST" – 1865 words

Engineering Manager Career Episode Sample 3: “DEVELOPMENT OF (CT4) CONTAINER TERMINAL" – 1855 words

Engineering Manager Summary Statement Sample: Detail explanation of all the competency element – 2077 words.

Engineer Manager Career Episode 1


Project Type: Work Based Career Episode Project

Demographics: The project commenced from 20th August 2015 and was signed for completing in the duration of 24 months, i.e. completed on 23rd May 2016. The author worked as an Associate Manager in “Name of the organization” which is the EPC contractor of the project. While working as an associate manager in the company through superlative management, the author anticipated, organized and coordinated the workflow.

Engineering Activities of Engineer Manager:

  1. Firstly, to conduct a formal meeting for the consummation of the project incorporating all the sub-contractors, investor, various agencies, etc. to know the project details.
  2. After that, plan and estimate the overall requirement of the project. To make planning about project activities, time, resources, finance, quality, communication, etc. The plan developed helped to manage time, quality, cost, issues and risks of the project, which in turn helped the overall project to operate efficiently.
  3. To use the conference estimating method for cost estimation and develop work breakdown structure (WBS) for breaking down the overall activities of the project.
  4. To develop the Gantt chart for scheduling the project tasks while undertaking a risk assessment for determining the risk associated.
  5. To provide training regarding the safety and quality management to the sub-contractors and the workers as well as knowledge about operating of heavy equipment, project planning and risk management in their work.
  6. To ensure that all design and drawing are as per the technical consideration and specification of the project, which mainly comprised of investigation of both 2D and 3D design and drawing of the bridge.
  7. To undertake test like hardness, efflorescence, compressive strength, water absorption test, etc. of the construction materials.
  8. To approved materials that met the specified need of the project and reject those which does not meet the specification.
  9. To oversee the quality of the work being done and carried out day to day report generation and memo taking during the course of the project.

Problem & Solutions:

  1. Problem 1 for Career Episode 1 and its solution

Financial issue

As the investors of the project were APSEZL (Rs. 250 to 300 crore), and balanced funding from Central Government (300 crores), State Government funding (50 crores) and individual unit funding, failure to release the fund in a timely manner caused the author to face a financial deficiency. Even though ASPEZL released its share, the author was unable to release the sub-contractors because of financial deficiency as balance funding had not released the fund in time. So, regarding the issue, the author conducted a required meeting with the balance funding representative and made them release the fund. This eliminated the hindrance in the project.

  1. Problem 2 for Career Episode 1 and its solution

Change of contract due to the restructuring

The author faced issue regarding booking of an invoice for Expense form 1st June 2016. Also, the failure of registering HOWE under SEZ regulation attracted taxes and duties. The author made the company register fast under SEZ regulation and was able to solve the issue regarding contract change.

Engineer Manager Career Episode 2


Project Type: Work Based Career Episode Project

Demographics: The project was conducted by the company “Name of the organization”. The project was conducted for the client company named “Name of the organization”. The author had the position of Site Planning Engineer in this project and the construction started in 4th April 2010 although the concession agreement was done in 22nd September 2009. The construction phases lasted for 26 months and ended in 30th June 2012. The author reported his works to the construction head (Project Manager).

Engineering Activities of Engineer Manager:

  1. To check the condition of the site by performing a site visit of Mudra Port and plan the work breakdown structure outline.
  2. To coordinate with the other engineering consultancies, client and project manager and form the work breakdown structure outline which dictated the procurement part, construction parts, responsibilities, pre-commissioning, and commissioning, material handling, facilities and utilities provided by the client, handing over the documents, etc.
  3. Further, prepare the detailed listing of equipment and components used in the construction of coal terminal and analyze the bill of quantities.
  4. To estimate the cost required for the development of 300 x 27.5 mtr of coal berth with 4 piles per bent and having 39 bents.
  5. To plan the conditions for conducting the dredging and reclamation.
  6. To monitor the construction of superstructure works. Also, instruct to procure the construction material of the project from Kutch District.
  7. After that, monitor the development of mechanised coal handling conveyor handling system.
  8. To instruct during the Approach bund and Berth construction.
  9. Then, analyze the capital cost and manage the project execution.

Problem & Solutions:

  1. Problem 1 for Career Episode 2 and its solution

The author found that in the berth number of cargos were responsible for generating the heavy amount of dust at the stockyard and berth. The author observed that the pile conveyer could decrease the generation of dust. But, the pile conveyer could not manage the dust pollution during the handling and storage of cargo. The author found that dust particle might become airborne which directly affected the surrounding people. The author consulted with project manager of the company to control the dust in site. Further, the author decided to use a fogging system for the suppression of dust like clinker, cement. The author found that the Fogging system consisted of a spray nozzle and pressure pump that settled down the dust particle at the bottom.

  1. Problem 2 for Career Episode 2 and its solution

The author met another issue as unavailability of power supply for the construction work in the site. The author found that the power supply was provided from the West Port existing substation. But, the author observed that the during peak construction stage sufficient power was not available that delay the construction works. The author consulted with electrical engineers to evaluate the demand of for proposed construction work. The author consulted the AMPTPL who installed the substation-1 for the supply of power from the Goa State Electricity Board. The author kept the two generators in as standby for emergency purpose.

Engineer Manager Career Episode 3


Project Type: Work Based Career Episode Project

Demographics: The author carried out the above-mentioned project while working in “Name of the organization” as Project Control Manager. The project was commenced from 1st August 2014 and after the 24 months of work, the project was completed. The project was contracted by “Name of the organization” with the project managers.

Engineering Activities of Engineer Manager:

  1. To construct the container jetty CT4 using various equipment & procedures.
  2. To design the wheel loads to withstand RMQCs operating at maximum outreach which provided the Scour protection for avoiding the negative effect of vessels propeller onto the jetty structure.
  3. To perform the work of pre-construction such as approach roads, culverts, site establishment, barricading, weighbridges, porta cabins & power supply during jetty construction.
  4. To determine the features of container yard & use the suitable equipment such as two modules along 650m quay length & each E-RTG block having 308 TGS.
  5. To make the provision of various parts appropriately such as operation building, security cabin, and substation, wharf office, etc.
  6. To focus on using all the electrical equipment appropriately & follow all the electrical process accordingly to have a smooth operation & save the electrical energy.
  7. To design the redundant power distribution system from HV feedings point at the boundary of the terminal to each HV & LV consumer points of the terminal.
  8. To employ a power distribution transformer, HT & LT breaker panel, UPS control panel, battery & battery charger, AHU system with the room. HT capacitor bank & resistance bank.
  9. To keep the HT metering system accuracy of at least 2% at no load condition and design the light towers by installing cables for connectivity of the network.
  10. To ensure the construction of all the structural works, scour protection, etc. was designed and built for the lifetime of 50 years and electrical systems, rails system, etc. was designed and installed that would last for the lifetime of 20 years.
  11. To coordinate with the civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers for making the work schedule for the construction of a container terminal, back up yard, electrical systems, sewage systems, security systems etc.

Problem & Solutions:

  1. Problem 1 for Career Episode 3 and its solution

In the initial phase, the author used the two electrical pit. Using it, the author observed that it consumes more time, manpower & structure steel for formwork as a bottom shutter. Also, the author observed that two electrical pits require excess supports for construction. On the other hand, casting must be performed in several stages which consumes more time. So to avoid these problems, the author used only one electrical pit & made it precast as only one electrical pit was sufficient for cable pulling. After its use, the author was able to get 50% less time & manpower consumption for shuttering & reinforcement work.

  1. Problem 2 for Career Episode 3 and its solution

The author had not precast the deck plant expansion joint. Due to this, the author observed various problem such as more consumption in time for tying & placing of reinforcement taken. Also, dependent activities were suffered due to delay. So to solve these problems, the author made precast in expansion joint of deck slab & also inserted plate for embedding and providing horizontal support. After using it the author was able to have less usage of structural steel. The author also observed a reduction in time consumed for reinforcement tying, shuttering & de-shuttering work.