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CDR Sample for Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers is a sort of Civil Engineer who for the most part deals with the plan and examination of structures with the competency to oppose or bolster loads. In Australia, there is an intense interest of the Structural Engineers. The presumed organizations in Australia additionally respects the capable Structural Engineer from different countries, where countless talented and qualified designers come to Australia consistently from various countries over the world to fill in as technocrats.

CDR sample for Structural Engineers includes all the required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. The content of the CDR Report Samples is given below:


Curriculum Vitae (CV): Resume on the basis of a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The sample of CPD clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 470 words.

Structural Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Material Selection of Clients for Façade Structures” – 1564 words

Structural Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Al Raha Beach Resort project” – 1996 words

Structural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Structural Analysis of the Multiform Structures at Jabal Omar Project Development” – 1687 words

Structural Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Detailed explanation of all the competency element – 2379 words.

Structural Engineers Career Episode 1

Project Name: Material Selection of Clients for Façade Structures

Project Type: Work Based career episode

Demographics: This project was done by the author as Structural Engineer for the “company name”. The project was located at Dubai, UAE. The project was executed under the supervision of “supervisor/ leader name” from October 2010 up to July 2014.

Engineering Activities of Structural Engineers

  1. To conduct meeting with the consultants and clients to discuss about the project details and collect appropriate information on the aluminum project envisioned for the project.
  2. To study all the structural as well as architectural drawings and specifications for the façade for the further reference.
  3. To perform the preliminary structure calculation through STAAD and MathCAD for each aluminum component including the accessories.
  4. To consider the structural lifecycle, security, acoustics, façade access, fire, life and safety and environmental sustainability while designing the façade structures and performing the material selection.
  5. To discuss the results of the initial calculation with technical and sales manager and the clients in a detailed manner for the approval of those calculations and collected the data for the further structural requirements.
  6. To provide the clients with the options of the mechanical properties of the aluminum components that best suited the economic and structural criteria.
  7. To prepare a detailed structural report after the verification of the initial design and the material selection criteria.

Structural Engineering Career Episode 2

Project Name: Al Raha Beach Resort project

Project Type: Work Based career episode

Demographics: Author worked as a Structural Engineer in “company name” which is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The project started on March 7, 2016 and was successfully completed on October 2, 2017. He used his theoretical as well as technical knowledge, and software handling skills to perform all the activities and solved problems in this project.

Engineering Activities of Structural Engineers

  1. To collect all the necessary documents such as specifications, drawings, and material sample related to the project.
  2. To plan the survey, design activities, budget allocation and supervision of the construction for the execution of the project.
  3. To start the site preparation process along with his team of structural engineers with a focus on the soil testing and other required tests to be conducted to ensure the compliance of standards of the materials to be used with the specified standards.
  4. To conduct meetings with the technical manager and plan the works of the project.
  5. To survey and investigated the build sites for examining the suitability of the earth, and conducting a different test.
  6. To record the data collected from the survey and prepared a report that consisted of foundation criteria, building phase, preliminary evaluation and test results.
  7. To perform calculations on vertical loads, lateral loads, stresses and other structural estimations.
  8. To issue the structural drawings along with their analysis in STAADPro for time dependent effects like shrinkage, creep, cracking, etc.
  9. To perform the administration of the whole procurement process for the materials required in the project.
  10. To inspect, monitor and supervise the activities on the site ensuring they were in accordance with the targeted budget, quality, environmental standards and company regulations.

Problem & Solutions:

  1. Problem 1 career episode 2 and its Solution

While Author was studying the drawings, he discovered that some of the structures related to the steel, aluminum, and glass were not safe enough to bear the loads like wind and live loads. It was shown in the drawing that small sizes of the aluminum tubes were going to be used in the structure. He immediately carried out the structural analysis, and he found out that those tubes should be replaced by bigger tubes. He suggested the insertion of stiffeners inside the tubes just in case of impossibility of the material interchanging. In the end, he found out that materials were already approved by the consultant at an early stage of the project. So, the only solution was to put steel supplement on the aluminum tubes. He also recommended changing the base plates to wider one because when he performed a structural assessment, he found that the bolt edges and distances weren’t enough and not in the standard.


  1. Problem 2 career episode 2 and its Solution

Sometimes, there were variations in the drawings and with the site situation, so in that case, author had to repeat structural calculations that he made to re-check if the structure was still safe with the condition found at the site. The technical manager assisted and guided him a lot during this process. This affected the timeline of the project but he managed it through a schedule crashing approach.

Structural Engineering Career Episode 3

Project Name: Structural Analysis of the Multiform Structures at Jabal Omar Project Development

Project Type: Work Based Career Episode

Demographics: Author worked as a Structural Engineer in “company name” which is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The project was started on October 3, 2017, up to Present. He used his theoretical as well as technical knowledge, and software handling skills to perform all the activities and solved problems in this project.

Engineering Activities of Structural Engineers

  1. To start with almost 50% of the design and engineering, author initially worked on the analysis of the new design sets to be submitted, i.e. remaining 50% of the works.
  2. To consistently discuss the technical aspects of the construction and design process, calculation of the loads, fitting the structure to the architecture and also made some important decisions on what structural systems to use with the Technical Manager and Design Manager so that we can come up with the unified solution.
  3. To suggest that the supporting of the bottom part of the unitized curtain walls at level 21 should be done by fixing the horizontal steel beams through brackets at the slab.
  4. To assess and review the previously performed structural calculations which were rejected by the consultant.
  5. To perform the structural analysis on the whole structure including the façade and supports.
  6. To discuss the issue of the failure of concrete at the anchorage of curtain wall and steel beam with the technical manager to resolve it.
  7. To design a steel bracket (L- shaped plates welded together hugging the face of the slab) to mount the façade cladding systems.

Problem & Solutions:

Problem 1 career episode 3 and Solution

As Author reviewed the drawings to ensure their compliance with the photos taken at the site, he found out that the consultant commented on the drawing that its approval shall be done as per structural calculation. The calculation was made before his term in the company. He investigated this issue and found no approval of structural calculation yet. So, in order to solve the verification issue, He checked the structural calculations which were already performed by the engineer and rejected by the consultant. Upon reviewing the calculation, He found out that the anchors were too close to each other and there was a possible case of the failure of the concrete because of the minimal gap between the anchors.

  1. Problem 2 career episode 3 and Solution

The logic behind this failure was that each horizontal steel beam supporting the bottom curtain wall had steel brackets with 4 anchor bolts. In each bracket, there were 2 anchors which were fixed at the face of the slab, while the other 2 anchors were fixed at the bottom of the slab. In that situation, those anchors could almost clash with each other resulting in the structural failure. Then, He immediately performed his own structural analysis on the whole structure, including the façade and its supports. As per the new structural calculations that he had performed, he found out that curtain walls are safe as long as they were to be supported at the bottommost part with the horizontal steel beam.