Attributes for a Perfect CDR Summary Statement

When writing the summary statement rather than focusing on linking it to the career episodes, one should go through all the guidelines set by the EA for a perfect submission of the summary statement. Not all the mentioned qualities for the profession that are set by the EA should be covered but whatever qualities have been displayed in career episodes must be clear. It is about the quality rather than the quantity. If there are some unnecessary qualities or attributes displayed in career episodes having no links to the project or the engineering tenure one has gone through then EA has a strict no good policy for it.

There are some attributes one should reel in:

• Knowledge and skills about the engineering
• Application of those qualities and knowledge base.
• Professional strengths and personal strengths

Preparation tips for the CDR Summary statement

Here are some tips for CDR Summary Statement Writing by our Expert CDR Writers:

• Knowledge and skills

Knowledge and skills are the two most important and basic qualities that the EA looks for in an engineer. Application of that acquired knowledge base and skills in real world scenarios is a must factor that the EA checks. Basically all the indicators that the EA looks for an engineer cannot be be present in an engineer and if someone has mentioned all the indicators then most of them would be irrelevant. There is a simple approach of indulging any two indicators for a profession in the summary statement where both of them have displayed effortlessly via any project or problem solving situation.

• Engineering Application Ability

There are four categories for which an engineer applies while seeking an Australian visa through skilled immigration process. The most prestigious one is Professional Engineer. The application of capability of an engineer through his knowledge of engineering and ethics in a workplace should be clearly mentioned in the career episodes and linked flawlessly in the summary statement. Three indicators that are covered by an engineer for the profession he has applied for must be covered. Typically the four attributes that are covering the central topic of one's engineering application ability are; problem solving capability, tools and engineering techniques, experiences during the project and lastly the overall experiences and one's contribution towards achieving the target.

• Professional and personal strengths

when writing a CDR everything and anything that an engineer has in his arsenal in the form of knowledge and skills acquired, all the projects conquered and contribution to the betterment of a workplace must be mentioned. But the EA also has some elements that it reviews which are related to the character and personal attributes. Supplying all the professional qualities and personal attributes through the written CDR is a must. One way to do so is by indicating how an engineer has taken steps and measures to ensure personal safety of his coworkers. This goes to show the EA that a nurturing persona and sharp minded engineer is writing the CDR. It all comes under the calculated process of displaying all the qualities effortlessly before the EA. It can be shown by an example where writing, "I took all the necessary risk management factors in account" is much appreciated.