Career Episode Sample based on Academic Project

The author of this Career episode Report is an Agricultural Engineer. This Career Episode describes roles and responsibilities held during the work on his University Engineering Projects. This is an example of Academic Career Episode.

In the first Section, he presents the name of the project i.e. “Development and Evaluation of a Manually Operated Groundnut Roaster”. He did this project when he was still a student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Nigeria in 2008. He did this project under the supervision of his Professor.

Further, in the Background Section, he provides a brief description of the production of groundnuts in Nigeria and how it has affected the economy of people for years. Also, he provides the reason for why he choose this project. There was two objective of the project as explained by the author:

To design and evaluate a 20kg capacity groundnut roaster which uses charcoal as an energy source.
To carry out an ergonomic study using a female subject on the developed machine.

He also listed his roles and responsibilities as:

• Initial Study of statistic of Groundnut production in Nigeria
• Prepare necessary apparatus
• Design Groundnut Roaster
• Evaluate the machine with various apparatus
• Determine the roasting capacity and efficiency of the roaster
• Prepare Cost analysis report

To demonstrate his engineering knowledge and skills, he explains the engineering techniques he used to complete the project in Personal engineering Activity Section. Here, he wrote a separate paragraph for separate activities like preliminary study, designing, assembling, calculations, testing and analysis as below:

  • CE 1.7: About Roasting Process
  • CE 1.8: Design of Roaster
  • CE 1.9: Working of Machine.
  • CE 1.10: Testing of Roaster Machine using Apparatus
  • CE 1.11: Analysis of Roasting Operation
  • CE 1.12: Cost Analysis
  • CE 1.13: Problem faced and it’s Solution
  • CE 1.14: Future Scope of the machine
  • CE 1.15: Brief Description of the guidance from his professor
  • In Summary Statement, he outlines all the activities he did to complete this project. It summarizes all his studies, designing, implementing, testing and analyzing processes involved in the successful completion