Career Episode Sample based on Work Experience

This Career Episode is an example of work – based Career Episode. The author of this Career Episode is a Project Engineer at a company named Wipro Limited. It is the project called “LTE Certification Testing”.

For Introduction Section, he has created a table mentioning the location of where the event happened, company’s name, his designation, and project name as follow:

  • Time duration 6 months
  • Location Bangalore, India
  • Organization Wipro Limited
  • Project LTE Certification Testing
  • Position Sr. Project Engineer
  • In Background Section, he provides a simple introduction to the Company Profile and what the project was about. The Project was about testing Data Throughput, Protocol Conformance, Radio Frequency (RF), Radio Resource Management, A-GNSS Receiver Testing, Over-The-Air (OAT) Antenna Performance, Field Interoperability Testing (FIT) and Carrier Aggregation using devices like smartphones and tablets, wireless cellular routers and data dongles. The main Objective of the project as stated by the author was:

    • To download and install mobile equipment firmware using flashing tools
    • To perform static and drive testing
    • To verify and validate the fixed issues at simulator level as well as a radio interface level
    • To submit a detailed report of the project

    Moreover, in Personal Engineering Activity, he discusses his roles and responsibilities as a Project engineer which are:

    • Carry out simulated scenarios using CMW500
    • Carry out mobility or filed testing

    He explains about various tools and techniques he used to perform these projects. In the first Paragraph, he provides an overall description of how the testing will be conducted. In the Second paragraph, he illustrates the testing conducted using CMW500 tester. Similarly, in the third paragraph, he discusses the testing done using eNodeB. The next paragraph is about mobile device field Testing. In the coming Paragraphs, he describes more about the testing technique that he used to complete this project.

    Finally, he concludes the whole Career Episode by summarizing all the techniques explained in the previous section that is used for completion of the project in about 13