CDR For Engineers Planning For Migration to Australia

In Australia, good engineers are in great demand. The Australian government has been implementing plans to encourage migration to Australia – especially for those who fall under the skilled migrant category, like engineers. As engineering is a technical subject, the engineers are assessed on certain parameters.

Assessment of Engineering Degree

Engineering, like any other technical subject, is taught by special institutes. Some countries with these institutes are recognized by Engineers Australia. And, candidates who pass engineering degree through these recognized or accredited engineering colleges are assessed through accredited programs, such as Washington Accord and Sydney Accord. These options are less strenuous.

However, if your engineering degree is not recognized by appropriate accredited groups, you need to submit a suitable report on your engineering work, known as the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The CDR is a parameter which highlights how well the engineer has been able to demonstrate his engineering skills in a particular situation. This document is essential if you wish to work as an engineer in Australia and go for a hassle-free migration to Australia.

In short, CDR is used as a means to assess a non-recognized engineering qualification.

Importance of Preparing an Effective CDR

Preparing an effective CDR is a very important to get a valid visa to Australia. A well-organized CDR can instantly provide you with a passport to a prosperous life in Australia. However, a shabbily written CDR can ruin your prospects for a bright future in engineering area in Australia and stall your migration to Australia.

In other words, if you are an engineer who belongs to the category in which CDR has to be written for getting positive skill assessment, you should draft an accepted CDR with all information scripted in the way that catches the eye. There is a definite way to write a CDR where you should highlight specific levels that you have attained as an engineer while working in a company.

Contents of the CDR

CDR is a report that has reference to three engineering projects or performances which the prospective engineer has accomplished during his tenure as an engineer. In these episodes, various competencies are measured.

The CDR shows how well a candidate has mastered the engineering skills to showcase his competencies in each of these episodes or projects. The stipulated competencies have been collated by Engineers Australia.

One of the methods to create a well-made CDR is to look for samples that can give you a fair idea as to how to create this useful document. Researches have shown that a CDR would generally have…

• The hurdles, problems, or issues which the company was facing.

• The gravity of the problems in terms of losses it was incurring.

• The steps were taken by the engineer to help solve the problem.

• The team contribution and the individual effort was given by the engineer.

• The rewards and recognition he earned due to his effort in the project.

• The summary statement to collate the main points in the project or episode.

• A report on the ongoing engineering development work carried out by the engineer.

….And, the entire report should be carefully narrated, tabulated, bulleted, and designated with sub-topics.

Smooth Migration to Australia

An effective CDR suavely delineates all the competencies precisely and orderly so that it becomes a successful document for the engineer with a non-recognized degree who is pursuing migration to Australia. The document is an assessment benchmark to check the quality of the engineering degrees earned by the candidates.

There are different categories in engineering. And, for each category, the intense learning and competencies vary from one institute to another. It is through on-the-job learning that many engineers imbibe further knowledge and acquire effective competencies.

If you don’t have an accredited degree but looking for a prestigious engineering job nevertheless, you need to meet certain parameters – and this is delineated in a CDR. This document analytically highlights the engineering skills and applications of the candidate. These skills are measured as per the competency standard in Australia. This would enable the industry to understand the engineering know-how attained by the candidate.

Moreover, the entire CDR report is written in the English language that is accepted in Australia. In short, CDR is a final assessment document which is thoroughly checked by Engineers Australia. And, the review can either successfully help you get a permanent residency in Australia or nullify your chances to work in Australia.

Word of Caution

CDR can make or break your effort to pursue better lifestyle, economic well-being, and secured life in Australia. Even though there are engineers with the superb track record at work and excellent educational qualifications, they fail to get their visas just because they don’t have an accredited degree and their CDR was also not a carefully written one.

Money, time, effort go waste and many lose their dream opportunity to settle in Australia just because of CDR glitch. So, before migration to Australia becomes a fiasco, pull up your socks and get started to create an efficient CDR. Take professional help, seek reviews and read up articles on CDR – you’d be sure to get useful tips and tricks to make your effort in creating a well-organized CDR.