Complete Guide for CDR Writing

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document that demonstrates that your skills and knowledge as an engineer meets the Australian standards. Engineers Australia (EA) assesses your CDR before deciding whether you are capable of working as professional engineers in Australia or not. Since a CDR is the backbone of your Australian Skilled Migration application, do not be complacent with your CDR Report writing. There are number of CDR writing service provider but you must be very careful while choosing them as the CDR rejection usually leads to 12 months suspension. Engineers Australia have certain guidelines for the applicant which should be strictly followed while composing CDR

Guidelines for Writing a CDR by Engineers Australia

Career Episodes Each Career Episodes must be divided into four Sections and they are Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary: The recommended length of each career episode is 1,000 to 2,500 words. Each career episode must clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the chosen engineering discipline. That is, state what you did and describe how you did it, emphasizing your own personal role in the career episodes and not about the teamwork. The purpose of this is to assess your personal contribution to meeting project and task objectives. Career episodes must be written in the first person singular clearly indicating your personal role. Your career episodes should have numbered paragraphs. These paragraph numbers are used for cross-referencing in the Summary statement to address Engineers Australia competency issues.

Summary Statement Summary statement, as the name suggests, is the summary of your 3 career episodes. It is the most important and difficult part of any Competency Demonstration Report. In this section, you need to ensure that you have addressed all the Engineers Australia competency issues for the chosen ANZSCO code. In the summary statement, you need to provide the cross-references to the paragraphs that you have written in each career episode.

Continuing Professional Development Engineers Australia CPD can include everything that you learned after completing your education to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in your engineering discipline. Good thing is that one does not need to provide proof/certificate for the things mentioned in the CPD. The Engineers Australia CPD is submitted by filling a CPD table. The table may include: • Conferences and seminars you attended • Workshops or courses that you completed

Documents Required
• Passport size photo
• Your passport
• Educational degree with a certificate
• Complete educational transcript
• Updated resume
• The evidence of the experiences you had in the last year in the CDR report narrated in career episodes.
So, these are the necessary documents which you are required to submit while sharing your CDR report with the authorities of Engineers Australia. You just need to follow the above-stated points in a precise way and then you will surely be in the way to prepare CDR report as per the guidelines stated by the authorities of the respective Association. You can also always consider of taking assistance from professional online CDR report writing service provider with which you will have a professional and experienced with an online writer who will thoroughly acknowledge your information and prepare the CDR report according to the guidelines stated by the respective members of Engineers Australia. This will surely enhance the chances of it getting approved in the first attempt for sure. For guidance or any support you can contact us at .