Components of the CDR assessment

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Engineers who need to move to Australia need to experience Engineers Australia (EA) (the assigned evaluating expert for engineering occupations) first. The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) certifies capabilities either from Australia or from nations who are full signatory to the Sydney Accord, Dublin Accord, or Washington Accord. Others (who have a place with nations that are not authorize by EA) need to present a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

1. Personal Information
1.1 Passport style photo: You are required to provide a clear and current passport-style photograph of yourself.
1.2 Prime ID: You will need to provide your current passport bio-data page (not the entire passport) and English language translation where applicable. Where this is not available a scan of your Birth Certificate and/ or National Identify Card may be acceptable in lieu.
1.3 Name change documentation: If your current name is not the same as that on your academic documents, you must provide evidence of your name change. This may include a gazette publication, an official letter/ certificate issued by registry.
1.4 Curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Résumé: A full summary of your engineering education and work experience is required. Your CV must be a complete record of your activities and must even include any periods of inactivity. The CV is to be a chronological listing of employment, not projects. Your CV should be no more than three A4 pages.
For each workplace provide:
• Organization name and location, including contact details
• Dates and duration of employment
• Title of position occupied by you
• Your defined role (provide a duty or appointment statement where available) and/or a brief description of your activities
1.5 English Language Competency: Applicants applying to have their skills assessed by Engineers Australia are required to provide evidence of their English language competency. See Item 2 of Section A for full details of the English competency requirements.

3) Components of the CDR assessment

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