CPD Statement Sample for Engineering Technologist

The candidate for Engineering Technologist should be adept at using their knowledge base to solve specific and complex engineering tasks. S/he should be a professional on engineering networks and their interactions, with the capability to identify and solve complex problems.

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Technology from October 2010-July 2014 at the XXX (University name) in XXX (University location) where I got to study about the basic engineering, measuring and plant engineering, maritime energy systems, oceanology, maritime materials, water treatments, automation system and wind energy. After the completion of my 4 year Bachelor’s degree program, I immediately joined Master’s degree. I did my master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from XXX (University name and location) from September 2014-December 2015 where I learned about Recycling and waste management, process control, colloid and interfacial chemistry, environmental biotechnology and water treatment.

During my undergraduate course, I did a project on “Determination of the influence of salt water and lunar regolith at positioning tolerances on the inductive energy transfer”. This project mainly intends to analyze the probability of using induction of power by using the coils to transfer the power in the extreme environmental conditions. I dealt with the deep sea surface of the moon, which is the main area where the research is being carried out where majority areas are unknown and many researchers and scientists are working on it. Similarly, in the Master’s degree program, I carried out a project titled “Design, Dimensioning and Cost-effectiveness Testing of Mechanical Process for the Separation of Algae from Tank Water on a Technical Scale”. This project was done with the collaboration of XXX (company name) to separate the solid components as well as reduce the bacteria by low-pressure ultrafiltration process.

Then, I did my internship as an intern in XXX (company name and location) where I worked in the ROBEX project from October 2013 – January 2014. From January 2014 – December 2014, I worked in XXX (company name and location) as a Student Assistant. My key responsibilities was experimental design, procedure and evaluation of inductive energy transfer test and ROBEX community workshops. After that, I joined in XXX (company name and location) as a Student Assistant from January 2015 – September 2015. My key responsibilities was QHSE tasks, creating fire protection regulations, active cooperation in the protection and safety concept for an Offshore wind farm etc. Lastly, I worked in XXX (college name and location) as a Boarding House Tutor from June 2016 to till date.

Besides study and work experience, I am fluent in English communication with an IELTS score of 7. I’m also thorough in design software like CATIA and programming language C. I was also engaged socially in the following:

• Caretaker at Volunteer Fire Departments for XXX from April 2010- October 2013
• Trainer at DLRG –XXX Association from April 2010- October 2013
With the knowledge from various engineering course and environmental factors, academic and industrial projects, internships and work experience in different places, I want to establish my career as a Professional Engineer via Engineer’s Australia.