CPD Statement Sample for Professional Engineer

The candidate for Professional Engineer should focus on overall systems and have ability to solve diverse problems. S/he should be adept in applying leadership and management skills, and also develop new engineering practices.

On completing my high school, I joined XXX (name of institute) for my bachelor’s degree program in 2008. This was a four years course, and I completed my Dairy Technology course in 2012. Later in 2015, I joined XXX (name of university) which is located in NSW, Australia for my Master’s degree in Business (International Business and Financial Management). It was a 2 years course, and I completed the course in 2016.

I was also an active student during my Bachelor’s degree; I was also nominated as a Secretary from 2009 to 2011 by Computer and Graphics, XXX (name of community). During those times, I participated and won a poster design and successfully handled the backstage during the annual cultural festivals for 2 years. I also held a program with the presence of local farmers and motivated them about new agricultural technologies to enhance the productivity.

I worked as a Management Trainee (Designation) in XXX (Company name), India from July 2012 to December 2012 (duration of work). While I was working there, I was involved in the modification process in standardizing of infant foods. In January 2013, I joined XXX, India as a manufacturing executive. I was the first line leader to ensure the smooth functioning of Horlicks and Boost production. I analyzed KPI to check the deviation and corresponding RCA and CAPAs on a weekly basis. I executed R & D trails for product innovations as per the business requirements. I also had hands-on experience in manufacturing health drinks spray drier operations and oven drying. I also contributed to improving the overall efficiency of equipment’s by 15% with the help of engineering team. I was also involved as a core team member in engineering projects to advise the latest technologies for the company. I was also involved in Orchestrated water conservation project in 2014 and lessened the consumption by 28% as compared to 2013. I worked in XXX (name of company), India up to January 2015. Later I went to Australia and joined XXX (name of company) as a sales leader from August 2015 to April 2016. Here, I achieved sales and marketing skills broadly. I was also involved in direct and B2B sales in NSW and ACT regions. I also learned the value of short termed and long-term goals and how to set them up. I was awarded as “Rising Star” of the company in 2017 while I was working for XXX (name of company).

With all these academic qualifications and more than 3 years of work experiences, I am applying for Professional Engineers in Australia.