How do CDR verify by engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia is a non-profit professional organization for the advancement of the engineering field within Australia. The institution of Engineers Australia trending as IEAust or Engineers Australia is a member of the Washington Accord. Department of Immigration and Border Protection have listed Engineers Australia as the designated assessing authority for engineering occupations.

The answer to the question asked above is yes, they do verify the Competency Development Report (CDR) Projects for skill assessment. Your technical and professional expertise in the functional domain that you apply for is all displayed in your CDR Report. Therefore, a pre-requisite to apply for a skilled migration visa to Australia is the CDR Report. However, if you’re educational records are from the following four records then it will be an exemption for verification of CDR project. The four records are – Australian Record, Washington Record, Sydney Record, and Dublin Record.

You can apply from the following occupational domains:

1. Professional Engineer

2. Engineering Technologist

3. Engineering Associate

4. Engineering manager

The important tip is the knowledge and the understanding of exact requirements will immensely help whenever you need to put together a CDR. Engineers Australia receives thousands of applications for CDR or Skilled migration visa every year but not everyone is lucky to achieve the success. Most of the CDR are rejected because the applicant did not have the correct approach to sharing the documents about the projects or information. You would need the proper documentation and relevant proofs for any of the occupational domains you have applied for. It is required to highlight your proficiency in the relevant domain. It is completely worthless that the CDR is rejected just because of incomplete documents or writing skills or wrong choice of projects. The doors to the bright future in Australia will only open through the positive assessment of your Competency Development Report. The high-quality CDR requires a lot of time and patience at your end. To know further about CDR, you can contact

If your educational qualifications are not from Australia, Sydney, Dublin or Washington then the only way to get the engineering job in Australia is through your CDR project. The engineers Australia will assess your competency levels and skills pertaining your engineering functional domain only with the CDR report. The engineers Australia assess your practical knowledge and your attitude towards problem-solving related to engineering through the CDR report itself. Always remember that your CDR should include the Continuous Professional Development list which shows your growth as the engineer after your education, three career episodes which shows your different skill levels as an engineer and last Summary Statement.

It is an utmost requirement that you refer to the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet for detailed guidelines and the required indicators. The MSA booklet helps in understanding the step-by-step guideline on the process of immigration to Australia. The Australian Authority looks whether the applicant is eligible for the skilled migration only through the CDR which displays all the skills and competency they are looking for. Therefore, they publish the MSA handbook containing the information about the migration process from time-to-time.

The process of Migration Skills Assessment process by the Australian Authority takes about 4 to 7 months through the normal route. The Engineers Australia may offer the Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment Process where the assessment is completed within five working days at the premium price.

It is important to check whether the engineering discipline you are applying is listed under the Skilled Occupation List or not. If it is not listed, then you will have to wait for the opportunity to arise in your engineering discipline in the skilled occupation list. If it is listed in skilled occupation List then you will need to submit an Expression of Interest through Skill Select. This is required to prove that you have the necessary skills and qualification for your nominated occupation. This needs to be carefully submitted as there are various occupation codes for all engineers, so the choice needs to be inspected carefully. The minimum requirement is of 60 points to be invited to apply for the Australian Visa within the 60 days of the assessment process. Those who are above 45 years of age are not eligible to apply for the visa. The Australian authority also checks your English competency. You will need an IELTS score of 6 or more in each of the four test Components that are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The scores required in the English Test as a foreign language internet-based test – TOEFL IBT are at least 12 for listening, 18 for Speaking, 21 for writing and 13 for reading. These test scores are valid only for three years with the concern to EA assessment. The Skilled Occupation list also provides the list of the relevant assessing authority for each occupation on the list. So, it becomes your responsibility to obtain the skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your chosen occupation. The assessment procedures, time frames and the charges differ with each assessing authority. It is the pre-requisite to obtain the skills assessment before you apply for the expression of Interest. And for the skills assessment you will need to have the relevant qualification from university or trade. The responsibility of undertaking the skills assessment is with the Assessing Authorities. These are applicable only for the migration and don’t guarantee the job in Australia, but it is essential to have the skills assessment. Every employer in Australia will require the CDR and skills assessment completed in migration process.

Australia has great weather, free education, an abundant number of opportunities for engineering jobs, and medical facilities for all. It is the ideal study destination in the world with the top world class universities. It is one of the top immigration destinations in the world. It welcomes all engineers and provides them with great social and family benefits that might not be available anywhere else around the globe. Australia provides opportunity to foreign workers to explore to get huge career opportunities due to the low unemployment rate and skill shortage in Australia.