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Professional CDR Writers and engineers from WriteMyCDR share essential action items to succeed with your CDR writing and thereby achieve success with your Australian Visa Process.

• Your Career Episodes need to be all different and perfectly outline the key competency areas expected of you, as shared in the EA (Engineers Australia) guidelines. Every one of the essays needs to categorically bring out the role and responsibility, as expected out of you. Share details on the expectations and specific action items, while keeping yourself on the forefront, not the team. The assessors are looking at your professional exposure and ability to scale up in different scenarios. Speak about the project in detail: role, tasks, duration, reporting, etc. Demonstrate the key values you displayed during the project life cycle. As you scroll through the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Booklet, read through the ANZCO score pertaining your branch of engineering. Detail out as many of them in your Career Episodes. Pick specific competency areas to be highlighted, with every Career Episode and make every paragraph count.
• In the Summary Statement, you will be required to mark the specific paragraph from your Career Episode that depicts a certain competency indicator. So mark paragraphs well and be careful with the alignment. Assessors are always looking for an ability to analyze well and attention to details.
• As you understand the key requirement from each section of your CDR, you will know that the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is a great indicator of your professional abilities. The assessors keenly observe how you have displayed growth over these years. What essential inputs have you applied to grow along with regular changes in your field of engineering? So speak about the workshops attended or about the seminars. You can also mention the key project participated in or the research conducted.
• Understand that presentation is an important aspect of CDR submission. The layout and format hold due significance. Not only do they represent your efforts, they again highlight the significance you offer to attention to detail.
• As you ponder over the projects you have worked on and are constantly making your mind to choose the best ones, remember that EA assessors seem keen towards design components. At least one/two amongst the three Essays should focus on a role that offered you such a scope.
• The more you focus on demonstrating your professionalism, the more the need to let them know that you followed all Standards and Codes throughout the project life cycle. A professional take on your CDR by the experienced writers of CDR Report Preparation & Writing Help online ease this path for you.
• Do mention about any recognition or awards that you achieved for innovation in your field. That is very impactful.
• Plagiarism is obviously not tolerated. There are number of online sources available which can surely leads to rejections. Just make sure you are taking these online CDR samples for reference only.

While these are just a few tips that the experts share here, there are various aspects to consider as you work on your CDR. However, an innocent miss can actually ruin your chances for the next one year. If you want to move ahead with 100% surety about the quality, reach out to WriteMyCDR for the professional writers.