What is the difference between Migration skills Assessment and Fast Track Migration skills Assessment of engineers Australia?

The Migration Skills Assessment process happens with the aim of providing a skilled migration visa to engineers wishing to migrate and settle in Australia. The process generally takes 4-7 months. Wherein, the applicant is required to apply for the skilled migration visa on the basis of his degree, skills, and work experience. The team of assessors at Engineers Australia (EA) then takes the process along.

Given the scenario, it helps when your engineering discipline is listed in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) as shared by the EA. If that is the case you can then move forward by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select. The assessors need to further validate your skills and qualifications for the occupational role that you have applied for.

Since the entire process might take a few months as suggested above, there are ALSO provisions to get your application fast-tracked. You might do that by applying for a Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment and getting your application sail through the initial checks quickly and reach an assessor or case officer, within five to fifteen working days. While the fast track service certainly saves a lot of time, it comes with a premium fee of $275 (including GST). The service is only available to the candidates who have submitted their migration visa applications online and not before that.

In short, the Fast Track service is for those who are really short of time and would like to expedite the process. Others who can afford this span of 4-7 months can follow the normal route.