Who are the best consultants for Competency Demonstration Report writing in Australia?

Writing a Competency Demonstration Report could be a daunting task if you are giving it the first shot with little or no understanding of EA guidelines. Engineers Australia releases regular mandates that need adherence if you are looking forward to making your first attempt count. This isn’t just any report that requires you to be an engineer with some technical knowledge. It is way beyond!

While you certainly need to be an engineer with years of professional experience in your kitty, you need to be well informed on Australian English, CDR structure, required writing style, and more. You must be well experienced to pick and choose the most significant projects from your kitty that will impress the assessors for sure. Not to forget that those projects must certainly align with the occupational role that you have chosen to apply for. Should there be a mismatch here, the EA assessors will ask you for a re-submission in a ‘not desired’ role or simply reject the report.

Yes, it requires technical knowledge, but still, you don’t have to showcase technical interpretations in the report. There is no requirement of numerals, graphical representations, or jargons there. Eventually, you will tend to feel that all of it is required, but not explicitly. The report only needs to follow the set guidelines and use simple language to let the assessor know you better. The projects that you chose must reflect your personal contributions towards achieving the project goal. State instances that allowed you to depict the desired competency elements. Let it be a perfect mix of technical prowess, interpersonal skills, management skills, etc. Moreover, it has to showcase your personal journey and not be an inspired representation. Therefore, you don’t have the scope to refer to other reports and choose to copy paste or pick instances from there.

However, what you can certainly do is to reach out to the best CDR consultants in Australia. You can begin by requesting a CDR Sample in the correct ANZSCO code, you are applying for. Remember that these samples are all EA approved reports which are already existing in their database. Hence, are only for reference. These will show you the clear picture on the language, writing style, and the kind of projects to choose from. While you refer to the samples you will also understand the effort a CDR requires and assess your ability to do that
1. As you decide to collaborate with the best CDR consultants in Australia, you need to put efforts in going through the reviews. Yes, this is the only thing that demands your time now.
2. Identify the one who has been there for long and understands the EA expectations clearly
3. Upon zeroing on the chosen few consultants you might need to check their efficiency rates with EA submissions
4. Identify the one which believes in establishing good client relationships. This is very important because you are free to share your feedback and opinions with such a consultant. You can demand multiple revisions to your CDR if need be and receive quick responses from the team. Eventually, you feel a part of the process.
5. Another deciding factor could be the affordability of their services. While everyone is keen for the highest quality, not everyone can shell out the same amount of money. There are only a few consultants who offer impeccable CDR writing, review, proofreading and editing services at the most pocket-friendly charges.
6. Look for one that promises and delivers within the deadline

Once you are through inspecting the above-mentioned parameters, you can carefully go with the consultant that fits the bill.