Do Engineers Australia cross examine the work experience of employees with respective companies in the migration skills assessment process?

Well yes, Engineers Australia certainly verifies your claims against the employment history that you share in your CDR application. It is their way of acknowledging the enriching professional journey that you have had up until now. And, understand the path that you have chosen to move further in your domain. It also helps them understand the steady growth that you have attained and understand any innovative projects that you have been a part of.

As you apply for the skilled migration visa to Australia, remember to fill in the application form with utmost precision. It needs to accompany your CV, TOEFL scores, and CDR.

1. Ensure that you go through your CV once again to update anything that you may want to in the context of the work experiences. Allow them to align with the occupational role that you have chosen to apply for.

2. Fill in the form, using the right ANZSCO code.Engineers Australia is greatly impressed with your experiences pertaining to any innovation and design projects. Make sure that the different job roles that you have taken up with different organizations, help you represent that.

Never ever fake the work experiences, or share a wrong entry in this context. EA strictly monitors and verifies all claims and any wrongful entry can straight away lead to a rejection, followed by a future ban. Make the best of your genuine work experiences to showcase how you seem a perfect fit for the occupational role that you have applied for. Or, how you offer a unique skill set.