Choosing the right ANZSCO Code

Engineers! If you are preparing for Migration Skills Assessment and confused about your CDR (Competency Demonstration Report in full), we are here to provide you help you need. We also provide help in selecting the right ANZSCO code for our Clients. WriteMyCDR has number of success stories in CDR preparation. Just contact us on and we will take on your case and assist you in CDR preparation regardless of your level of experience.

When you order our services we will also be able to provide you advice on the ANZSCO code in case you don’t know what the right one for you. Many cases are not straightforward in regards to choosing the right ANZSCO code and we in WriteMyCDR would be able to direct you to the most suitable ANZSCO code for your case.

In these series of articles we will provide you guidance for selecting the right ANZSCO code if you have decided to prepare the CDR application by yourself.

Today we will talk about a common position that a lot of Engineers occupy – the position of Project Manager. First of all, a lot of applicants are confused between the position of project Manager and Engineering Manager Occupational Category (ANZSCO code 133211). Please read page 47 of the MSA booklet for Engineering Manager Occupational Category general description. The minimum requirement for applying under this Occupational Category is minimum of three years at Engineering Manager Level and minimum of 7 years at Professional Engineering Manager beforehand.

If you don’t meet these requirements as well as other requirements specified on page 47 of MSA booklet or if you don’t carry our tasks on a level specified on page 48, you should apply as a Professional Engineer instead.

In case that you meet the requirements for Professional Engineer and you worked as a Project Manager mainly, we would recommend you to apply under Engineering Professionals NEC – ANZCO code 233999.In our articles we cover various topics related to CDR preparation. All of our articles could be found in the blogs section of our website: or contact us at