Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

Once the applicant complete the skill assessment process, Engineers Australia provide skill assessment outcome letter approving migration to Australia. This Outcome Letter will be sent to you through email, or else it will be sent through your migration agent if you had assigned anyone, they will follow up on your behalf too. If there is any problem in sending through electronically, then they will send it through postal. This ordinary post addresses will be chargeable in cases. This letter can also be downloaded from online by entering the application details on the Assessment Outcome Verification page.

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The letter is to deliver that the candidates CDR report is selected or rejected by Engineer Australia. This outcome letter contains the statement from the assessor that your Skills, experience, etc. all data are verified, and it satisfies the current requirement for the applied detailed occupation. There is a test called GSM (General Skilled Migration) points test. These are some of the necessary information which will be mentioned in the outcome letter. There is an additional service which will denote the employment. Relevant Skilled Employment is the service which has to be paid separately for assessments; with this, there will be a reflection about the occupation in the outcome letter. This will be the added points to the verification team to verify for the relevant rule.

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All the points and advice reflected in the Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter is purely based on the assessment points, evidence, data, skills submitted. They also consider the aspects with the skilled migration points test, even the Department of Immigration and Border Protection assessment points. There may be any assessment results if you are not satisfied or any disagreement with the outcome result, you can apply as formal Appeal an informal review of your application. Relevant charges are applicable, and you can get the information from the EA website. An Informal Review has to be applied within three months of receiving a letter; it will take eight weeks for review. Formal Appeal has to be made within six months or receiving original assessment outcome and it will take three months to process.