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Submitting a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is an essential part of obtaining a visa approval for immigrating engineers in Australia. This report helps in demonstrating one’s skills and achievements to the Engineers Australia, a committee which deals with the selection of efficient engineers and providing them with working VISA. If you are unable to write a high-quality CDR, then seek our CDR help service. Our team of CDR writing experts and editors has years of experience in helping engineering students from different branches win skilled migration visas for Australia.

Why Is Australia the Best Place to Work?

As per reports, Australia has ranked as one of the best places to live. This is not just because of its irresistible natural landscapes, wonderful tropical weather, and diverse culture. There are many other reasons that motivate engineering professions to work in this country. Here we have mentioned some of them:

Free medical facilities

As per our CDR help team, the government of Australia provides subsidized medical facilities to all its residents. So, a person living in this nation need not spend a large part of income on medicines and treatment, like all other countries in the world.

Higher education opportunities

Australia is the third popular educational destination in the world with more than twenty colleges that have subsequently ranked under top 100. Engineers working in this nation can get enrolled in any higher degree program. The best thing is that the academic results are not just based on examinations. And, equal importance is given to student’s performance in sports, drama, and other extracurricular activities.

Financial prospects

Engineering students can easily get high-paying jobs in Australia. Currently, the Australian dollar is considered as one of the safest and strongest currencies in the world. Apart from this, the financial services industry of this nation facilities excellent investment opportunities.

Healthy working environment

As per a report, Australia is home to the most satisfied employees in the world. Work-life balance is respected there, and employers strive hard to provide a sound working condition to their employees. For interns and entry-level employees, it’s the best place to get hired and learn technical skills. Moreover, the annual progress rate of employees is better than most developing countries across the globe.

All these factors motivate international students to get placed in an Australian-based company. If you too hold this desire, then increase your chances of getting visa approval by submitting a high-quality CDR. Just take help from our CDR writing service experts, and leave all your worries upon us.

Technical Requirements of a CDR Report in Australia

Our CDR help experts say that Engineers Australia publishes a Migration Skills Assessment booklet on a regular basis. This chart is made on the basis of the CDRs submitted by numerous applicants. This report contains all the personal details backed with original certificates. Moreover, it must inform about all the relevant skills, such as English language test results, academic transcripts, and documentary evidence of employment details. As per our CDR help experts, the Competency Demonstration Report should be designed to demonstrate one’s employment and legal status on the basis of which the person can be selected for skilled migration to Australia.

According to our CDR help experts, many engineers find it difficult to write a good CDR report because they have limited knowledge about the Engineers Australia assessment process. And, they find it difficult to link their previous projects to the competencies they are expected to have. CDR writing experts of our team have years of experience that helps them showcase a candidate’s skills and achievements in the best possible manner.

Understanding the Core Format of CDR

As per our CDR help experts, there are four categories of engineering positions that prevail in Australia, namely Professional Engineer, Engineering Associate, Engineer Manager, and Technologists. To obtain a migratory visa, a candidate must communicate his/her knowledge and skills clearly Therefore, Competency Demonstration Report must highlight the core competencies that the Engineers Australia demands and link those with the personal skills. Here are some useful tricks given by our CDR writing experts:

Conform to the Guidelines

The Engineers Australia prescribes certain guidelines regarding the CDR. You must stick to the given format and mention only the relevant details. Apart from this, make sure that you attach all the certificates and testimonials to back up your information. It is noteworthy that all of the acquired competencies should be in relation to the engineering background. So, try not to go overboard.

Take care of the language

As CDR is a representation of personal report. So, you must write it in active voice. Our CDR help experts also suggest you avoid jargons, slangs, typos, and grammatical mistakes in the application. In other words, it should be accurate, detailing all your skills and competencies by and large.

Produce a detailed career episode

Career episode is the most important part of the CDR which contains information about the projects undertaken at the time of graduation, work accountabilities in present job, and the career achievements. As per the latest rules of Engineers Australia, this section should contain around 1000 to 2500 words. Hence, our CDR help experts suggest that you should not include unnecessary words in this segment.

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