CPD Statement Sample for Engineering Associate

The candidate for Engineering Associate ought to focus on specific elements of the systems and timely work within the codes and apply established practices and procedures.

There was always an attraction of mine towards the technical knowledge. This had led me to pursue an engineering education and establish my career in the field of engineering. The major activities that had helped me to acquire this objective were as follows;

• After the completion of my higher secondary school education, I decided to pursue my career in an engineering field. My interest was in electrical and electronic systems. So, I joined Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in __date__. This was ___ years of course, and I completed this course in ___.
• While pursuing my diploma course, in order to realize the theoretical knowledge that I had gained, I participated in different projects. Some of those were a group project, while some were an individual project. Nevertheless, those projects really helped me to gain further knowledge as well as develop my skills in the electrical and electronics engineering. Some of the main projects that I was part of were; Design and Fabrication of Sound Mixer, Design of an APRS Transmitting System, and Synthesis of Low Cost Solar Powered LED Light.
• In order to be a proficient engineer, who is well equipped with good skills of pertinent software tools, I took different training courses and also did a self-practice of different software. As a result, I am a fluent user of software like MS Office software (which includes Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.), AutoCAD, ________________, etc.
• In a different time of my career, I also worked in the McDonald in both India (one-year part-time job) and Australia (two years). I had handled several responsibilities while working in the McDonald. I was a crew trainer for the South Melbourne’s McDonald’s Besides, I also held the responsibilities of stock handling, floor maintenance, equipment operations, etc.