Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

Engineers Australia (EA) offers Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) for applicants intending to apply for migration to Australian via the Points Test Skilled Migration scheme.

Positive Skill Assessment Result is the main important key to your Skilled Migration to Australia. If the assessment is successful, an assessment outcome letter suitable for migration purposes will be sent to you by email. The outcome letter can be verified online by entering the application details here.

Please note that from the perspective of Engineers Australia, the assessment letter has no expiry date. However, we are aware that the Department of Home Affairs validity policy may vary from this. As such, if the Department of Home Affairs requests an updated letter, please contact Engineers Australia for instructions.

In the case that you are searching for Skilled Migration to Australia, at that point you should acquire positive skill evaluation result first before applying for the visa. MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) Engineers Australia is the assigned surveying specialist for all engineering professions who will measure your academic capability, work understanding, English dimension and so forth. When you get the assessment result for your ideal pathway, you can apply for the migration.

As indicated by the Engineers Australia, the evaluation result will stay legitimate eternally for Engineers Australia. In any case, DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) orders that the assessment warning ought to be close to three years of age at the period of migration application. You need to contact the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) for the renewal of the evaluation letter after that timeframe. You should restore the first letter to MSA with the full installment structure to get a refreshed letter.

Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

After the achievement of your evaluation system, an evaluation result letter proper for migration purposes will be sent to you by methods for email. If you have selected a migration operator following up for your benefit, your result letter will be sent by methods for email to your specialist. For the letters that can't be issued electronically, it will be sent by conventional post and you might be charged an expense for this service. The result letters can be affirmed online by entering the application facts on the Assessment Outcome Verification page