Skilled Migration to Australia as an Engineer

Many professional are migrating to Australia as it is country with a beautiful weather, Social and family benefits. CDR competency demonstration report is only one barrier that getting Australian immigration for an engineer may face a problem as it is mandatory to recognize your engineering degree in Australia.

Assessment of Engineering Degree

Engineering qualification from most of the developing countries is not recognized in Australia, because they are not the members of Washington Accord or Sydney Accord or Dublin Accord. Engineers from Iran, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, Iraq, Sri Lanka, etc. have to prepare Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to recognize their engineering degree in Australia. So they can live and work in Australia as an Engineer. CDR is the major factor in getting Australian Skilled Migration, if your CDR will be perfect then there will be no problem in getting Australian Skilled Migration.

CDR is crucial to get Australian Skilled Migration for those engineers who got their engineering qualification from non-signatory countries of Washington Accord, Sydney Accord or Dublin Accord. Only certain countries are the signatories of these accords; writing an effective CDR is highly important to come, live, and work in Australia as an Engineer.

CDR Samples for Engineers

There are so many CDR samples available online which you can take it as a references. You can freely visit writemycdr for free samples as per your engineering disciplines like Environmental Engineer, Engineering technologist and many more. These CDR samples can be used as reference to be familiar with the guidelines stated by Engineers Australia

Best way to prepare Competency demonstration Report

CDR report writing is very crucial report for those professionals engineer who are hoping to immigrate to Australia. This report should be as per the guidelines of the Engineers Australia for the migration skills assessment.

There are few guidelines that everyone need to go through before preparing CDR report writing which are listed below:-

  • Three Career episodes should be different which defines your skills and experiences and duties you are responsible for that job. Also go through migration skill assessment booklet (MSA), read the ANZSCO code that is different for each individuals. Pick specific competency areas to be highlighted with every career episodes in a paragraph.
  • In Summary statement, you go through the paragraph of career episode and try to prove your competencies as per the involvement in any projects during the course of your career.
  • As you understand the key requirement from each section of your CDR, you will know that the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) writing is a great indicator of your professional abilities. The assessors keenly observe how you have displayed growth over these years. What essential inputs have you applied to grow along with regular changes in your field of engineering? So speak about the workshops attended or about the seminars. You can also mention the key project participated in or the research conducted.
  • As you ponder over the projects you have worked on and are constantly making your mind to choose the best ones, remember that EA assessors seem keen towards knowing your individual contributions and skills in any project.
  • Do mention any awards or any major achievement you have made through your career.
  • Plagiarism is a BIG NO in case of CDR report so always try to avoid and complete the CDR report writing on your own or hire any professionals who are very much familiar with the guidelines. Many services provider allow for Plagiarism checking and removal.