How can WriteMYCDR help? have come across a number of highly dejected and annoyed engineers post-assessment of their CDR by EA since they have been pegged as ‘Engineering Associate’ or ‘Engineering Technologist’. This is despite holding a 4-year bachelor’s degree in engineering. The catch is if one is assessed for any category other than the one applied for, it may result in loss of opportunity for the candidate to be in the SOL list and hence may even be called for the immigration interview. Even if a candidate did make it to Australia, he will not be entitled to certain jobs that he is otherwise qualified for being an engineering graduate.

What are the main reasons of rejection?

Some of the main reasons why CDR gets rejected include:

• Understanding that career episode is all about demonstrating how you as an individual has applied engineering abilities in the work. Therefore, care must be taken that you show your contribution and use phrases like “I designed”, “I investigated” rather than the team effort. This is in-fact the most common mistake we see whenever we are carrying out a CDR Review.
• Ensuring that each career episode highlights one competency unit and its subsequent elements in detail. Lot of times while reviewing CDRs, our team has observed that applicants try to cramp in too much in each career episode.
• Another associated mistake (to the above point) which a lot of people do is putting in too much technical details (graphs, tables etc…) in the career episode. While the intention of doing so might be correct (to display technical prowess) but it causes a hindrance in assessing the contribution. Therefore, fine balance needs to be maintained while writing career episodes.
• CPD (Continuing Professional Development) needs to be restricted to One A4 Size Page. Applicants often extend it to even 3 pages to include all certifications.
• Word Limit needs to be strictly adhered to. For example – As per MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet, career episodes need to be from 1000 – 2500 words.
• Though not encountered that often but improper usage of grammar also pops-up as one of the points worth taking a second look.
• Last but not the least, we have also encountered plagiarism a lot of times while reviewing CDRs. Trust us there is no big deal breaker than plagiarism. There is absolutely ZERO percent tolerance level for plagiarism.

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