How long does it take for Engineers Australia to complete skill assessment under Fast Track System?

The time taken for the assessment of your CDR Report normally is anywhere from three to four weeks. Under the fast-track system of assessment also it generally takes about two to three weeks. So if you have submitted your CDR Report and it’s been only a week, then worry not. A friend of yours got his CDR Report assistance back in a week, but that should not be the deadline. Some of the applications being submitted may have been assessed in a week’s time but that should not concern you the least bit. You have applied for fast track so your assignment will get its priority from the assessor who has been assigned to assess your CDR Report. It also depends on the assessor who has been assigned your assignment. If he has to asses quite a number of CDR Reports in line then it’s quite natural to take time but if he has a few then the assessor won’t take a lot of time. Patience is the key my friend.

When you have applied through the Fast Track Services, then your CDR Report will be given first priority by the assessor subject to the assignments assigned to him. But you also need to take into consideration that the actual time being taken totally depends on the workload of the assessor who has been assigned your assignment. Another factor to be taken into consideration is the processing time taken by the Fast Track Platform to process the Fast Track Service depends on the pending assignments at that given time. Ideally, it should not take more than fifteen to twenty days.

So if your CDR Report has been submitted and it has been only a week then there is nothing to worry about. It is under assessment by the EA. They will send in the report as soon as the assessor processes it. Under the Fast Track platform your report is at the priority for the assessor and the time being taken is totally depended upon the number of reports lying at the desk.In the meanwhile, you can choose to share your queries with your friends who are in due submission of their CDR Reports and review their Reports as well. It is highly advisable to take help from professional CDR Writers while writing the Report. After all you don’t want to fail your CDR Report which will cost you your Skilled Migration Visa to Australia. If writing on your own, there are a few points to be kept in mind. Firstly, your English should be up to the benchmark. You should have a proper hold over Australian English including Grammar. Secondly, your written Assignment should be completely free of any plagiarism. Make sure that it hasn’t been copied from anywhere and is completely written by you. Plagiarism is the most common ground upon which the EA fails a CDR Report. So make sure it is your own original writing.

Now coming to the technical part; thirdly, your CDR Report should elaborate on how you worked in the project of the company and how you handled the job at hand. The EA does not want to know how big your company that you were working in was or how the other members of the team were working. EA is concerned about your work and your efficacy towards the job. So always keeps in mind to narrate your job profile, the problems you faced while working on the particular project and how you overcame the hurdles. Maintain the format of the CDR Report as per the guidelines of the EA is of utmost importance.