How long engineers Australia assessment letter is valid for?

Engineers Australia (EA) is the assessing authority which carries on the migration skills assessment process. Any candidate, who would like to work as an engineer in Australia, should have to show off their skills to the Engineers Australia employing CDR report or so.

The Engineers Australia assess the documents submitted by the candidate and finalize, whether the candidate has the skill set to work in Australia or not. Hence, bypassing this, a candidate can apply for a skilled migration visa. The Engineers Australia assess the English level, experience, qualification and works of the candidate and it is necessary to mention them with records to get their migration skills assessment approval.

What Is The Validity Of The Engineers Australia Assessment?

The assessment outcome is valid indefinitely for Engineers Australia. However, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) mandates that the assessment result will be correct only for three years. At the date of the migration application, the assessment outcome should be no more than three years old. However, one can get a considerable letter from Engineers Australia assessment validity outcome, and it can be done employing a request to EA. The DIBP accepts such letters and even allows the candidates to apply for a migration visa. However, this is a hectic process with not much hope, and the wise thing to do is to use for migration within three years. That’s why they are providing a migration skills assessment booklet so that the candidate can get to know about the rules and regulations of the assessment