How to fill your summary statement (Element 3.5- part 1)?

As we approach the end of this set of tutorials, today we analyze the requirements of element 3.5 entitled as “Orderly management of self, and professional conduct.” This is part 1, covering the first three indicators of attainment that can be referred by the applicants when preparing the Summary Statement document for the category of Professional Engineers.

This part of the assessment requires the demonstration of the applicant’s proclivity towards long-life learning, personal development, professional skill set enhancement, convergence with the latest developments and advancements, and ability to estimate the importance and value of participating to communities and seeking constant knowledge strengthening through them.

a.) Demonstrates commitment to critical self-review and performance evaluation against appropriate criteria as a primary means of tracking personal development needs and achievements.

Example: I compared the production processes that I developed with the performance of other major organizations in the same field, and drew safe conclusions about the task execution capabilities, and the effectiveness of the established procedures.

Example: I used the comprehensive data that I gathered by tracking my own work, and focused on incidents that increased the chances of accidents. Based on these findings, I enriched the company’s safety training courses with two new chapters that would hopefully decrease the accident rates by far.

b.) Understands the importance of being a member of a professional and intellectual community, learning from its knowledge and standards, and contributing to their maintenance and advancement.

Example: Being a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers allowed me to be one of the very first professionals to get informed about the latest technological, practical, and theoretical advancements and developments in the field.

Example: I actively participated in the most populated online forums dedicated to the topics of Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering. This helped me get advice from experienced experts, and also allowed me to share my own knowledge and experience with others.

c.) Demonstrates commitment to life-long learning and professional development.

Example: I am regularly reading online journals and publications circulated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers such as the “Antennas and Propagations Magazine”, “Communications Surveys and Tutorials”, “Intelligent Systems”, and the “Nanotechnology Magazine”.

Example: While I was working in California, I regularly checked the seminars schedule of the Mechanical and Civil Engineering department of Caltech University, and attended most of them. This helped me stay up to date with the most recent discoveries and realizations in my field of profession.

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