How to Use our CDR Sample?

One of the core parts of our services is the provision of CDR samples. We have samples that cover all twelve application categories and offer at least one sample for each ANZSCO code. Here are some tips on how to use these samples the way they are meant to be used, and how to ensure the success of your application by utilizing them in the best way possible.

Who are the samples for?

Our CDR samples are aimed at the applicants who feel confident about writing their own Career Episodes by themselves, meaning that they have an adequate command of the English language.
What is their purpose?
The purpose of our CDR samples is to help an applicant gain a better and clearer insight on the proper style of writing, the specific ANZSCO requirements that correspond to the selected application category, the sections of the documents, the format, and the elements that must be present in the context.

How to use them?

You should thoroughly read through our CDR samples and take notes on what is mentioned and at what point in the documents. For example, you may realize that “design work” is mentioned in the Personal Engineering Activity section, while the “organization hierarchy diagram” is placed in the Background part of the Career Episode.
Everything in our samples is there for a reason, and that is why evaluating this reason may need multiple reads. After you have created the first version of your career episode, go back to the sample and compare the two in order to locate things that are still missing.


What shouldn’t you do with them?

• You shouldn’t blatantly copy any parts of our samples as this would result in certain rejection of your case
• You shouldn’t assume that your own career episodes must feature exactly the same format as the one of the sample
• You shouldn’t assume that your own career episodes must contain all of the elements found in our samples, or else it will get rejected
• You shouldn’t even remotely paraphrase the main story of our samples
• You shouldn’t share them with other colleagues of yours as this would be unethical

Of course, we are always here to provide further clarifications should you need our help with the CDR samples, or if you have any kind of questions regarding their use. If that is the case, feel free to contact us at