How to Write A Perfect CV for EA Skill Assessment

A curriculum vitae, often shortened as CV or vita is a written overview of someone's life's work. More specifically, according to MSA Booklet it is described as down below:

A CV- resume writing is full summary of your engineering education and work experience. Your CV must be a complete record of your activities like work, studies, workshops or different seminars and must even include any periods of inactivity like gaps in your studies, joined any other subjects/field, year loss due to back logs, discontinued job to look after sick relative, pregnancy or any other health issues.

The CV is to be in a chronological list so it clearly shows what positions you have held and for how long. Projects, performances in the academic projects, workplace and assigned works is a big no to include in your CV. Your CV should be no more than three A4 pages but can just as well be laid out over 10+ pages, if necessary.

For each workplace provided you have to mention the following:

1.The name and location of the organization including the contact detail
2.Date and duration of the employment
3.Your designation or position
4.Your defined role and the brief description

Some Important points to focus while writing a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia:

1.Career objective is mandatory and should be short and clear.
2.Education Qualification should be written in ascending order.
3.Work experience should be clearly described as well.
4.Projects should be clearly written with their working periods.
5.Your role, as well as the major role and objective of the project, should be mentioned.

How to Write A Perfect CV for EA Skill Assessment