How WriteMyCDR keeps the CDR report writing services price affordable and reasonable?

We would like to share how we in WriteMyCDR  pricing for their services for Competency Demonstration Report writing services down comparing to the market.

First of all – we never advertise using AdWords or other paid advertisement anywhere online.
For you as services (or product) buyer it is important to understand that if you buy any services from a company that has massive online advertisement, you, as a buyer pay for this advertisement campaign from your pocket. Companies who use advertisement to promote their sales through paid campaigns need to cover their costs and they have to increase price for their services or product.

We, in WriteMyCDR never use paid advertising, you will never see us on google AdWords or similar and this helps us keeping the price for our services relatively low.
We don’t have a call center. All communication with our Clients is done on email. This method has proven its suitability and convenience over 8 years that we operate. Using emails instead of phone conversations is convenient as emails are picked up quickly and our Clients don’t need to adjust themselves to the time difference. We have many Clients from Far East and Australia that can send us an email at any time and this is just as convenient as for Client who live closer to our time zone.

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