My CDR report accessor has asked me to submit a reference letter from my previous company. What should I do?

Once you have submitted your CDR upon completing it to the best of your ability, basis the guidelines shared on the Engineers Australia website and the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet, it’s time for you to wait and watch. If the assessor requires a certain set of documents that he found missing to connect the employment years and consider the entire span of work experience that you have claimed, you might receive an email asking to do that. You can then collect and submit those missing/required documents on the portal itself, within the specified timelines. Asking for a reference letter from your previous company could be just one of those things. So there is nothing to worry about. Just start reaching out to the concerned parties to collect the document.

This generally happens when the Case Officer or the assessor finds the documents that you have shared not suitable towards the assessment of your work experience. So, they ask for you to submit a new reference letter that should validate the claims on the eligibility to work until a specific time period. For instance, if you have made the claim that you have the permission to work until 2022, share the name and official details (telephone number, official email address) of the author that your employment contract indeed matches that. In most cases, the need is to submit documentary evidence like the employment contract that is validated and guaranteed by the Ministry of Labour. This should also be backed with a resident permit for the concerned period of employment. Such official documents coming from a government agency put a stamp of authenticity to all claims.

Sometimes the assessors might even request for all English language translations for the documents that you have submitted in regional languages. Whether they do that or not, consider it as a mandatory submission. Remember to save all email exchanges with the parties that you reach out for this reference letter. These come in handy when you need to share evidence of your attempt to collect the required document, with the assessor/assessing authority.