Perfect career episodes for your CDR

Every CDR or Competency Development Report has certain sections that need to be completed and presented by the candidate. These sections include Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes, and Summary Statement. Here, career episode is a very important part that needs to be planned and written in a careful manner to give actual details of skills and knowledge used and gained through a project work.

Importance of Writing a Career Episode in CDR

A CDR demands three career episodes helping the assessing authority EA (Engineers Australia) to evaluate the proficiency level of candidates on various different factors. These competencies are aligned with established standards and requirements of Australian markets giving the authority a clear idea about a candidate’s suitability to the professional environment. This means it is necessary that your selected career episode aligns with your choice of an occupational category selected in the Visa application.These categories are:
• Professional Engineers
• Engineering Technologists
• Engineering Associates
• Engineering Managers

Each of these occupational categories has some predefined indicators of proficiency as identified by the EA informing about the expectations in terms of competencies, skills and knowledge. These details act as the starting point of writing a career episode and help you follow the expectations and structure that could shape a flawless CDR.

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Our process of Career Episode Writing starts with a thorough discussion with you to understand your professional journey and different professional experiences on various projects in the selected occupational category. Such a thorough discussion help our writers to gain an understanding of your skills, aspirations and expectations making it possible to put your perception in each Career Episode of CDR.

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Some of the events that should be focused on while writing career episodes are

• Project report on your current as well as any past work experience
• Academic training or program was undertaken during the period of professional studies
• Job responsibilities allocated to you related to the project

Candidates are expected to present three Career Episodes in a CDR where each of the episodes comprises of an Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and a Summary. Each of these sections needs to be addressed carefully to meet the requirements of EA and present a flawless CDR ensuring skills visa for the candidate.
The following points give you a clear idea of inclusions in every section of Career Episode Writing:


The introduction section is the first area to be addressed in a Career Episode where the focus is on introducing the project within 100 words. It should include information like:

Project name

• Associated dates and duration
• Place of the project undertaken
• Your role and responsibilities in the project


This is the next section where a clear background to the Career Episode is given within 200-500 words. This section should provide details about:
• Nature of the project
• Goals and objectives of the project, and
• Your role in the selected project

Personal Engineering Activity

The most crucial section of Career Episode Writing is the personal engineering activity where the candidate is expected to provide details of what exactly he/she did in a particular project.


Here, the candidate is expected to summarize the project and related responsibilities within 50-100 words.Our Career Episode Writing experts provide professional help by following a proper flow of meeting the requirements of career episodes. Our experts ensure that each Career Episode is presented in a precise manner while not getting too much of technicalities and therefore any unnecessary details and graphics are avoided while writing Career Episodes.

As discussed, our Career Episode writing help starts with a brief introduction to your Career Episode so that the assessor get a quick idea of your skills and experience. Moving further, we define and present the basic project requirements, objectives and your role in the project to communicate KRAs. This is further followed by an elaboration of your role and key engineering activities along with the strategies followed to achieve project goals and objectives.

The Career Episode writing is closed with a summary of every episode with an impressive conclusion.

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