Strict checking rules in CDR assessment by EA

We have been providing CDR services and assistance for a long time and our professionals are familiar with the checking criteria of Engineers Australia based upon the student’s assessment outcomes.

Since July 2018 the assessment criteria have been made quite difficult for students. Especially, the students or professionals writing their CDRs themselves or from non-technical background writers face the problems of CDR rejection more often due to lesser technical information or fake information copied from the internet. The projects not actually done by the students who write about them in their CDR reports are now easily detected and prone to rejection. In most of the cases, students are even asked about their original project reports in the word document that they submitted in their college. Earlier than July 2018, CDR reports were accepted more often even without much technical information, but now, this is not the case.

Most of the engineers who seek positive assessment outcome now required to prepare accurate and strong technical information (facts and calculations, results) in their CDR reports avoiding any rejection or queries from Engineers Australia.

Our writing professionals at WriteMyCDR, are all from the engineering background with a multitudinous experience in project development and research writing. We provide you “Knowledge + Writing Skills” to ensure that your CDRs are accepted in the first attempt. In case you don’t have any projects, we arrange the same for you or even prepare the projects, reports, and other important technical data required for your skills category.