Where can I get my CDR reviewed to get a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia?

Once your Competency Demonstration Report is approved by Engineers Australia, you have a very good chance at getting a visa approval for skilled migration to the country. Engineers Australia is a non-profit organization working towards the development of engineers in the country tries to assess the skills and competencies that you bring in. And, the report helps you depict all of that by sharing your experiences and professional achievements in the domain. So, as you submit your TOEFL scores, CV, and other required documents with your approved CDR, you really stand a very good chance with visa approval.
But of course getting your CDR approved by the EA is a pre-requisite and a positive skills assessment is no joke. There are thousands of engineers from all over the world aiming for the very limited options that EA has to offer. So as you decide to begin a fulfilling journey in Australia, begin by identifying the correct occupational role that you would want to apply for. You can do that by choosing the correct ANZSCO code.
Once that is successfully taken care of you must refer the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet to understand what the role demands of you. EA updates the guidelines of working on your CDR through this booklet and it also has the competency elements EA is looking for in you if you choose a certain role. You need to now work on the CDR basis this information.

1. Choose the precise projects that helped you bring out the competency elements desired by the role that you are choosing. EA will get to see your applied engineering ability here.
2. Understand more about the report by going through an approved sample. You can do that by hiring the services of expert CDR consultants.
3. Once the projects are finalized you must use the three Career Episodes to elaborate on each one of them separately, while elaborating on your individual contributions. If you aren’t able to figure out how to do that, trust the services of an expert here. They work on thousands of CDRs every year and have the perfect understanding of picking the project that is most impactful.

However, if you have chosen to work on your report yourself, do bring in experts to review the report that you have collated. It is very important to understand here that this isn’t just any report. An approval or rejection of the same can actually make you sail through smoothly or waste a lot of time and effort. With most of the applicants caught up in their daily jobs and family life, it doesn’t leave them much scope to put in as much effort as is actually required.
Review assistance from CDR experts would most certainly be the answer that you are seeking then. You might want to give the report writing a try, but do get it reviewed before making your submission. Expert CDR Consultants’ have dedicated teams to write, review, edit or proofread your reports.
1. Once the team gets your report for a review they will analyze it diligently for any grammatical or factual errors. This is done by allocating the report to a set of language experts and professional engineers (from the same domain).
2. The team will holistically identify errors and mark them for your purview
3. They also offer their services to make corrections and sharing valid inputs for changes
4. The team also offers you tips to make your report more presentable and professional
5. They also review the content validity and offer suggestions for changes pertaining to the project of choice or validity of the competency elements that you have mapped
Effectively, a review will help you understand where you stand with the CDR draft that you currently have your hands at. Now you can choose to seek assistance with the changes/re-writing, etc. Or, might as well do the same yourselves. Experts who review your CDRs have an immense understanding of what they do. While many of them are professional engineers who have passed through EA assessments themselves, others are language experts conversant with Australian English.
You can trust them to review your report and get a fair view into what you have and what you can choose to do with that. Make an informed decision now to receive a positive assessment from EA.