Why You Should Choose Our CDR Plagiarism Checking & Removal Service?

Engineers Australia is strict about plagiarism and they have even mentioned it in the Migration Skilled Assessment booklet. They do not entertain misuse/copying of information and data from any source like websites, books, magazines, journals, CDR samples that are available online or from any of the CDRs submitted before. They use advanced plagiarism software to detect plagiarism in the CDR submitted by engineers. If they find any content that is copied from any of the above- listed sources, they reject the entire CDR as they view the plagiarism in the submitted CDR against their code of ethics. Further, depending on the case scenario, in the light of plagiarized content, Engineers Australia also had the power to debar you for applying for assessment for the next twelve months.
The engineers should hire an expert, who will not only check the plagiarism in their CDR but also remove them by adding the appropriate content to remove the plagiarism in their content. The plagiarism in the CDRs invites unnecessary hassle and ban from further applying for Skilled Migration Assessment. Hence the applicants should hire professional CDR plagiarism removal experts for getting error- free and plagiarism- free Competency Demonstration Report.
With expert professional editors and writers in our team at WriteMyCDR, we ensure that the CDRs are free from any errors and plagiarism. We have top subject experts, Australian language experts, editors and proof-readers for making, editing, proofreading and removing plagiarism.
We use specialized software to check the plagiarism. It identifies the sources and highlights the copied sentences. Do not take the risk of being accused of plagiarism, as we have seen Rejection Letters due to plagiarized content from the assessing authorities.

Why you should use our Plagiarism Checking Service before sending your report to the assessing authorities;

Copying content from any published material (papers, articles, websites, books, etc.) and previously assessed CDR reports can have serious consequences. It is important to use plagiarism free and your work in your own words to avoid rejection. Our Plagiarism checking service provides you confidence that your work was not copied and you can save your time and money.
Our plagiarism detection software can detect copied material from large databases. Plagiarism report highlights the copied sentences. Plagiarism report provides the percentages of similarity. Plagiarism checking service helps our clients to evaluate their paraphrasing abilities. Plagiarism checking provides you confidence that you will not get rejected and you have done true work that is free from copied material.
Our Report writing service is 100% plagiarism free and we use World’s best plagiarism checking software to evaluate the content to help our clients, SO they can get positive skill assessment.