CDR - Engineers with short practical experiences

Today we are going to cover a specific question about CDR – Engineers with short practical experience. There is a very common question we are asked by the Engineers with short practical experience / fresh graduates concerning their assessment with the Engineers Australia. We have taken the answer from Engineers Australia web site:

“I have limited engineering experience. Can I still apply for an assessment of my qualifications?”

CDR – Engineers Australia answer:

“Yes, you can still apply. It is possible for you to demonstrate the competencies by referring to your undergraduate professional engineering qualifications and the project/work experience elements of your academic study. Applicants may however find writing the career episodes more challenging without workplace experience from which to evidence the competencies.

Please note that you must provide a certificate copy of an employer reference letter if you have relevant experience of 12 month or more, or if the work experience provides a basis for a Career Episode”.

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