General Tips –Career Episodes Preparation

Engineers, in continuation to our previous post, if you are now preparing your CDR for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia (EA), here are more tips on Career Episodes preparation.

Important things to pay attention to in Career Episodes preparation

When you are writing your Career Episodes there are technicalities you must pay attention too. The most important one is to write your Career Episodes using “I” language. This means that you describe the work you have personally carried out. You should not use “we” or “our” or reduce usage of these words to minimum. If you describe them work – give a short background of the team work and then describe in details part that was carried out personally by yourself using “I” language.

Also, try not to use passive tense, always use active tense when writing your Career Episodes. Example of passive tense: “The X work was carried out”. Example of active tense: “I have carried out the X work”.

Another important matter is to use the right paragraphs numbering: The guidance in regards to paragraphs numbering is given on page 19 of the EA booklet which you can download from EA website.

If you feel that you need help on writing your CDR or if you have your CDR ready and you need an expert to check your CDR for compliance with EA requirements, please contact us on For more free information and tips on CDR writing on our website blogs