Common Misconceptions about the evaluation

Applying for a Migration Skills Assessment can be a stressful procedure since it can last for some time, and it can yield a wide range of outcomes depending on the situation. After having worked in so many cases, we know the various factors that can lead to success or rejection, and we also know the common misconceptions that lead applicants to further frustration. Here are the most frequent points of faulty thinking that you should stay away from:

This is just a typical process

MSA isn’t a typical process where you simply need to make generic claims about your previous work and education experience. This is a serious procedure that needs to be taken as such by the applicants.

CDRs can contain anything

You can be sure that all information that is contained in your CDR will be scrutinized, double-checked, and confirmed. You must not add fictional or untruthful elements in it, or you probably be left exposed later on in the evaluation process.

All assessments are 100% objective

Assessments are being done by agents who are human beings, and thus there can be no such thing as 100% objectivity. Some agents are quite strict while others have a more relaxed approach. How one translates the official guidelines of the assessment is completely subjective, and so is the specific level of requirements by each submitted CDR.

I can always re-apply in the case of a rejection

If an applicant is judged to be seriously unethical due to the submission of copied material or other reasons, he/she may be excluded from re-applying for a period of time, or even for life.

If I am rejected, there’s nothing I can do

If you are confident that you have been wrongfully rejected, you may ask for an “informal review” of your CDR which is done by an independent assessor. If the outcome is still negative, there’s the option of the “Formal Appeal” which will take your application for yet another review by the IRCPE (Independent Review Committee of Professional Engineers). The first step may take up to two months, while the second up to three and they both cost an additional fee for the applicant.

My MSA result is taking too long to be announced.

Assessments make take up to 15 weeks depending on the information, the number of agents, and the number of applicants at the time. If you’re in a hurry, you can always pay an additional $275 to take the “Fast Track” path that will ensure an assessment result within two weeks.