Stage 2 evidence you need to provide

As we in WriteMyCDR assist with Stage 2 applications to many Engineers, we are asked a lot of questions on this subject. One of the common questions is about Stage 2 evidence applicant needs to provide for the 16 competency elements.

The evidence the applicant needs to provide is given in the table in “Chartered Evidence” chapter in the following link on Engineers Australia website:

Please pay attention that evidence you provide should be Viable, Reliable and fulfil more parameters as specified under the table.

The Stage 2 evidence the applicant is required to provide consists of: Email trains, minutes, drawings, plans, reports, Gantt charts, presentations and so on. It is important to notice that drawings, plans, reports and Gantt charts appear in majority of the 16 elements. So, this is essentially important to collect these pieces of information and provide them to EA to support your Chartered application.

Many times it is impossible to provide all the required evidence. Also, if you did manage to collect all the needed evidence for a particular element, it would be hard to understand what was your particular role in the project based only on evidence and you will need to provide a description of it in some form.

We strongly recommend that you do write Narratives for each and every of your 16 elements, even if you have all evidence you need to support your Stage 2 application (and do write the narrative for sure if any of the Stage 2 evidence is missing). This way you have a chance to present your role in a project correctly. This would increase chances for successful application and the assessors are less likely to come back to you with additional questions.

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