How to Prepare CDR for Australian Immigration Skills Assessment?

Fly to Australia to make your dream to reality with WriteMyCDR #1 Australian CDR Writing website. If you want to have a dream engineering career in Australia, You are in the right place. All that is needed is your bachelor engineering degree and experience in engineering. And one more thing called CDR. CDR is abbreviated as Competency Demonstration Report In this video, you are going to see how to write a perfect CDR step by step to fly to Australia

How to write a successful CDR to get approval from EA or Engineers Australia:

How to write a successful CDR to get approval from EA or Engineers Australia There are two ways one you could try it for years or Give it to a professional and reputed CDR specialists like Our CDR Australia expert will help in the following ways: You can be 100 % assured of flying to Australia with the help and support of They help from the scratch of arranging your personal Information to getting the visa to fly to Australia They make sure the CDR assessment of the EA as per your ANZSCO occupational category is successful in all the following steps

CDR Process: Step – 1:

CDR Process: Step – 1 Preparing your personal Information including Passport size photo Prime ID Passport A perfect CV Requisite English language test results (IELTS, TOEFL & PTE Academics certificates) Application nominating your precise ANZSCO occupational category as per your engineering skill Education includes all your academic papers required by EA

CDR Process: Step – 2:

CDR Process: Step – 2: Preparing the report: It is the body of the CDR, and it contains all the vital parts for the approval from the EA. It consists of three parts CPD – Continuous Professional Development Career episode reports Summary

CPD for Engineers Australia:

CPD for Engineers Australia It has to be written in an A4 page. It should be of a list format with dates, duration, and venue It should portray the continuous engineering skill until the time of writing this CDR It could be of anything regarding engineering from your graduation to current date

The Three Career episode reports:

Career episode reports: There are three career episode reports which are the backbone of the CDR Each one should showcase three different areas of your engineering skill in 1000 to 2500 words Each of the three should within a particular period and focus on a specific topic All the three reports should be chronologically numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,…., 2.1, 2.2, 2.3…….., 3.1, 3.2, 3.3…..

Each report has three parts:

Each report has three parts Introduction in 100 words which gives the dates, position, organization and other details of the engineering activity The background should be in 200 to 500 words and should have the nature and objectives of the engineering activity and your position and responsibility in it Personal engineering activity is the heart of the CDR. It will give the following details in 1000 to 1500 words. It should be written in a way that should impress the EA of your engineering skills on par with the Australian post-graduation standards. It should be more focusing on your skill and performance, rather than portraying the project or other performances. All your skills should be portrayed as I did this, “My responsibility was to,” “I finalized,” and so on. What were the tasks assigned to you and in what way you applied your engineering skills to complete it successfully? If not successful what you learned from it and the ways on how could you have done it better to have made it successful what were your applied strategies, drawn designs, and other individual engineering skills?

Summary for EA:

The summary should be in 50 to 100 words and give your overall impression on the engineering activities, its achievement, and your contribution to it in brief. It is not necessary to confine your summary in one page but should be chronologically arranged for easy reference by the EA. Do’s for writing an excellent CDR Write in impeccable Australian English without any spelling or grammar mistakes Give all the relevant details in a precise and concise way for easy understanding of EA Provide all evidence for your engineering skills to establish their credibility Showcase more of your individual engineering skills in the first person as I, My than that of the others like ours, we etc.

Do not’s for writing CDR:

 Never copy from any other source and write on your own Plagiarism from your part will be easily found, and it will take one more year for you to apply again Never give details of any of your engineering skill that cannot be proved with evidence

In what ways could help you in writing successful CDRs?

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