How to Prepare the Top CDR Engineers Australia Application?

CDR Engineers Australia Application is to be prepared strictly as per the EA guidelines. But every year a large number of firms get rejected by the EA due to various reasons. Some of the major reasons include- improper formatting. Not following the EA guidelines, lack of evidence, irrelevant information and many more.

How to Write an Acceptable CDR Report?

• First of all, you always need to keep yourself very much updated with the latest EA guidelines on their official website
• You need to download the EA official MSA Booklet from the official website
• Use a good formatting
• Write all the sections, Three Career Episodes (CE), A Summary Statement (SS) and the CPD in a perfect way and exactly according to the Engineers Australia (EA) guidelines
• Do not copy and paste from any source
• Write 100% original content
• Do thorough editing and proofreading to make the CDR free from any kind of mistakes
• Include only relevant points in the CDR along with substantial evidence
• Enclose your updated CV along with the scanned copies of all the original documents of your education and experience backgrounds
• Highlight more on your own experiences and expertise rather than your previous companies
• Give proper reference to all your claimed points mentioned in the CDR
• Apply for the CDR under the right ANZSCO code. Each engineering discipline like civil, mechanical, electronics, etc. has its own ANZSCO code, and you need to apply under that specific code for the CDR
• Try to make the CDR report very much presentable to the EA assessors.
• Describe your own role and competencies in the big projects done by you in your entire technical career
• Write about your core subjects a lot and very less about your previous companies
• Describe your own analytical as well as managerial skills on how you solved all the project issue
• Get a good English proficiency test IELTS score if needed

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