Preparation Tips for CDR Summary Statement

A Summary Statement is the combination of competency elements which are highlighted in Career Episodes. It is a necessary piece of documentation that needs to be submitted to the Engineers Australia (EA) for assessing the competency of any engineer, who is migrating to Australia for providing ready reference (mapping) to individual competency elements, career episode paragraphs are numbered. Summary Statement should also aim to show application of your engineering capabilities and your professional and personal characteristics. It is written in tabular format as prescribed by Engineers Australia where all the competency units and elements are listed and you have to mention how you applied that and the associated paragraph in the career episode. You have to be careful while preparing the Summary Statement and include all the skills and knowledge and link them to appropriate paragraphs in the Career Episodes.

There are four categories in which the engineers can make CDR, according to their skills and experience in the engineering field. The four categories are Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate and Engineering Technologist. The summary statement template for all four categories is different and you have to analyze and cover all the indicators  Career episodes writing.

There are three kinds of indicators that have to be written in the Competency Element column which are as follows:

1. Knowledge and Skill Base: This Competency Unit sets the tone for the summary statement and asks the applicant to provide reference of general knowledge and skill in the engineering domain. If one looks at the different elements, one could easily gauge that broad understanding of the skills are required.
2. Engineering Application Ability: This is a core section and helps you demonstrate your technical capabilities and skills as an engineer. You should read each description carefully so that you can differentiate the indicators well and link them to proper instances in your Career Episodes. The first element in this section can be used to demonstrate the methods used for solving engineering problems; in the second section, you can mention the tools, techniques and resources used in the projects, the third element to show the application of design processes and fourth element to mention the project management experience.
3. Professional and Personal Attributes: This competency unit goes beyond the functional aspects and looks at soft aspects like communication, behavioral, social and leadership aspects for example ethics, team membership, creativity and team leadership etc.