Things You Should Know For CDR CV- Resume Writing


Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing for Engineers Australia should be written properly in the right format in order to support your application. A carefully crafted and written resume with clear compilation of educational background, work experience, accomplishments, objectives, and credentials is a sure way to leave an impression on the Engineers Australia (EA). Our expert team provide CDR, CV / Resume Writing Service for Engineers Australia and can assist you compile an interesting personal statement in the CV.

You must upload a verified Curriculum Vitae (CV) covering your complete employment experience from the completion of your undergraduate studies to date. If you are a graduate, your CV may cover any industrial placement/internships undertaken as part of undergraduate studies. The CV may also include engineering experience gained prior to your current qualification or concurrently with it.

Whilst your CV may include non-engineering employment, for each engineering appointment you have held, please include:
• Name, location and contact details of your employing organization
• Dates and duration of your employment in this appointment
• Title of the position you held
• Your defined role and responsibilities
Your CV should be no more than three A4 pages. Normally, it will comprise a scanned document in PDF format including essential verification.
Each stage of your CV must be verified by a responsible Engineer, preferably a Member or Fellow of Engineers Australia. The following statement must be added to the CV and signed by the Verifier:
“I verify that this is a true statement of the career history of (candidate’s name) during the period (date) to (date).” This statement must be accompanied by the printed name, address, phone number and status of the Verifier, with their membership number if applicable. The verification may be confirmed by Engineers Australia. If you cannot provide a verified CV due to overseas employment, a reference letter from your previous employer is acceptable. Such letters should clearly indicate employment period, position held, and main responsibilities. If the letter is not in English, please provide copies of both the English translation and original document.
If, in exceptional circumstances, you cannot provide verification of employment for all or part of the last three-year period, you must upload a properly witnessed Statutory Declaration stating that the information contained in your CV is true and correct.