Services offered by have the bunch of professional experienced writers who are there for your help in writing CDR report as per standard of Engineers Australia.
CDR report writing is very crucial report for those professionals engineer who are hoping to immigrate to Australia. This report should be as per the guidelines of the Engineers Australia for the migration skills assessment. Some of the service we offered to our applicants are listed below:-


Based on the information provided by the client our team of expert analyzes and corroborates the data to assist in the completion of CDR or only the certain components of the CDR which are strictly in accordance with the norms laid down by Engineers Australia. The required components of the CDR are: Three career episodes, CPD , summary statement and CV-resume.


There are times when the clients find themselves equipped to create their own CDR or any of its components however due to lack of awareness about the norms of Engineers Australia their work at times isn’t up to the mark. In such situations our expert panel of proofreaders come into the picture and become game changers…

Providing CDR

We are also engaged in providing a perfect CDR reference reports to the clients for creation of their CDR so that they can be self-tutored to create tailor made reports to perfection. We provide reference reports in multiple engineering disciplines such as: Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering,Telecommunication and many more


We have an expert panel of academicians and engineers who look after the reviews professionally. We take care of our clients till they get their desired occupation. All reviews are covered without any additional charges under our standard packages.