Sample Booklet

CDR Immigration Australia Framework

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the technical report required for Engineers Australia (EA) membership and Australian Skilled Migration. It is the document formatted according to Sample CDR Booklet to assess the engineering degrees of the engineers from such institutions or countries which are not the members of Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, or Dublin Accord. Some of these countries include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka etc. The engineers from these countries need to approve their CDR from Engineers Australia, so that they can get a chance to avail working opportunity in Australia under the codes of Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO). The CDR immigration Australia framework comprises of Career Professional Development (CPD), at least three Career Episodes (CEs) and a Summary Statement (SS) collating all the career episodes. The report should be well written in proper Engineers Australia format and concise enough to highlight the skills and competencies of the engineer so that it reduces CDR rejection and gets approval from Engineers Australia to attain Australian Skilled Migration.

Features of good Skilled Career Episode

The Career Episode features are reflection of your professional experience, knowledge and skills based on your education or work experience. For a professional standard immigration CDR, you need to add at least three career episodes where each career episode supposed to be a complete migration skill assessment booklet and represents your roles and activities on a specific project. All the career episodes should be unique in terms of duration, project handled by you and according to CDR sample Australia. For applying to Engineers Australia migrant Engineers requires to write A competency demonstration report in which three Career Episodes which shows their knowledge and skills in a specific occupation. According to Sample CDR Booklet the rules of the Engineers Australia, the features of good a career episode are following. It should consist of 1000-2500 words, so there is no point to add unnecessary details in the career episode. A career episode features:

• the engineering task or project undertaken by the engineer as part of educational program
• the accomplished or the ongoing project on which the engineer is working on
• the specific occupation or job responsibilities and the roles of the engineer
• the particular engineering issues or problems resolved by engineer during their work experience

Unit Attributes of a professional immigration Career Episode for Engineers

Each career episode comprises of different units to describe the details of the project and the engineering activity performed by the applicant. Generally a professional immigration career episode of Engineers consists of following unit attributes:

Introduction to Skilled Migration Career Episode for Engineers

The introduction of skilled migrant’s career episode for Engineers is a brief statement of the engineering activity which is based on your role in projects and being described in this career episode. The introduction unit comprises of approximately 100 words according to Sample CDR Booklet
• Chronology
• Duration of the engineering activity explained in the career episode
• Organization name and geographical location where the engineering activity was performed
• Title of the position occupied by the engineer
• Background of Skilled Migration Career Episode for Engineers

The background unit of Skilled Migration Career Episode comprises of the context in which the engineer worked or studied. It should contain 200–500 words according to sample CDR booklet and based on the following information;

• Overall nature of the engineering activity/project
• Objectives/goals of the engineering activity/project
• Description of the specified work area
• Hierarchy chart or table of the organizational structure highlighting the position of the engineer
• Job description and responsibilities of the engineer in particular project

Personal Engineering Activity for Skilled Migration Career Episode for Engineers

Personal Engineering Activity is the main unit of any skilled migration career episode for Engineers describing the details of the project accomplished by the engineer and his role in the accomplishment. It should contain 500–1000 words according to sample CDR booklet, focusing on the engineering activities/tasks performed during the particular project. It should mainly describe the role of the engineer rather than teamwork. In this unit, the engineer should describe:

• How he applied his engineering skills and knowledge in achieving the objectives of the engineering activity
• Tasks designated to the engineer and how he accomplished them
• Any technical problems or difficulties encountered by the engineer and the solutions proposed by him to resolve the issues
• Strategies conceived by the engineer during the engineering activity/ project to improve the project
• Performance of the engineer in taking part in the meetings and contribution in the team work.

Summary for Skilled Migration Career Episode for Engineers

In the summary unit of skilled migration Career Episode, the whole engineering activity and the role of the engineer is summarized in 50–100 words according to sample CDR booklet. The summary contains the following details;
• Overview of the engineering project
• Goals/ requirements achieved in the project
• Personal contribution and achievement

Summary Statement for Skilled Migration Career Episode for Engineers (SS)

The Summary statement of skilled migration Career Episode is the most crucial part of the CDR and it needs utmost attention to details. A better approach is to seek for an expert advice or take help from CDR sample to write down the summary statement based on the career episodes. In summary statement, you should analyze that all the competency elements and units for the particular engineering activities are collated. You will also have to provide the cross references in the summary statement based on the paragraphs/sections of the three career episodes.